Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gordon Browns Letter to the voters

The following is a letter sent out by snot eating Prime Loser Gordon Brown, that ends with a list of people who have also signed it.

We love Britain precisely because of its tolerance and diversity. The British National party and its allies are a threat to everything that makes us proud of this country we love. The BNP is working hard to conceal its extremism because it knows that people in Britain totally reject the politics of racism and hatred.

But the BNP's record is clear: its 2001 manifesto wanted mixed-race relationships to be outlawed and for any black person who commits a crime to be thrown out of the country, even those who were born here.....

No we do not, you Brown clown, continuing to live in the past, you think that the year is 2001. Boy are you out of touch with the times. Should people really want to know the 2009 British National Party's policies on any subject , then they should go here.

But back to the letter. I am grateful to the site Majority Rights who looked at the signatories in detail.

The elite
Gordon Brown, so is he better or worse than Ted Heath?
Alastair Campbell, sexer-up of dodgy dossiers
Paul Skinner, global corporatist
Iain McLean, Oxford prof sucking at the government tit

Ben Helfgott, typhoid survivor
Jeremy Newmark, networker activating the Jewish Activities Committee
Vivian Wineman, Big Jew, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews
Adam Pike, chair-verbal of the Union of Jewish Students

Cogites and Qur’anites
Meera Syal, actress never asked to remove her blouse
Sunder Katwala, general secretary of the Fabian Society
Faisal Hanjra, president of the Federation of Islamic Student Societies
Saleem Kidwai, chairman, Muslim Council for Wales (which is big of them, considering that Wales isn’t Muslim)

Chris Powell, kicks a ball for Leicester City
Dareen Moore, kicks a ball for Barnsley
Clarke Carlisle, kicks a ball for Burnley
Garth Crooks, used to kick a ball. Talks on TV now about, er, kicking a ball

Mysterium incarnatus
Dame Kelly Holmes, one-time army sergeant and Olympic 800m champion, future saint of the MultiCult.
Thandie Newton, actress who discovered but undiscovered female love
Oona King, black Jewish former Labour MP (kicked out by George Galloway)
Sam Duckworth, singer and anti-white racist

The equally valid. Honest.
Matt Lucas, alleged comedian
Rhona Cameron, a lesbo comedian
Simon Fanshawe, radio-mo
Sarah Waters, bi-sexual novelist

Clueless women
Karren Brady, brash football boardroom blonde married to 5ft 7in Italian
Jenny Seagrove, very classy piece, wasted herself as Michael Winner’s shiksa
Rebecca Wheatley, actress and slimmer (like, 24 stone)

Clueless men
Ross Kemp, actor who wears tight teeshirts and plays action-man.
Richard Wilson, ageing actor, ageing socialist
Jimmy Carr, terribly moderne lefty comedian
Robbie Coltrane, fat actor, real name Anthony Robert McMillan
Eddie Izzard, comedian, transvestite, Europhile
Wes Streeting, president of the National Union of Students, future world leader (he thinks)

Over-the-hill footballers
Gary Neville, kicks a ball for Manchester United. Occasionally.
Phil Neville, his little brother. Kicks a ball for Everton

Not that you’d ever know
Ben Sedgemore, kicks a ball for Kings Lynn, a non-league club
Chris Hope, kicks a ball for Rushden & Diamonds, Rushden being a quiet Northants town
Scott McGleish, kicks a ball for Wycombe Wanderers in the lowest division of the Football League
Colin Murdock, kicks a ball for Accrington Stanley FC (who face winding up proceedings by Inland Revenue)
Steve Guinan, kicks a ball for Hereford United (who changed their nickname from The Whites to The Bulls, and finished bottom of their division in 2009)

All out, brothers
Paul Kenny, general secretary GMB
John Hannett, general secretary USDAW
Sally Hunt, general secretary, University and College Union
Dave Prentis, general secretary Unison
Derek Simpson, general secretary Unite
Tony Woodley, general secretary Unite
Brendan Barber, general secretary TUC
Billy Hayes, general secretary CWU
Alan Ritchie, general secretary UCATT

The saved
Rev Jeff Gould, do-gooding Unitarian
Right Reverend Bill Hewitt, moderator of the Church of Scotland
Tim Stone, Sally Army

Bloody foreigners telling us what to do
Olaf Cramme, director of Policy Network
Marcus Hahnemann, kicks a ball for Reading
Stanley Moritz Volz, kicks a ball for Fulham


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