Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Schools indoctrinating pupils

Give me the child and I will show you the man

Imagine you are sat there and your child comes in from school, greets you, hands you a communist party leaflet and then proceeds to lecture you on who you should vote for in tomorrows elections.

And should you question your child on just who had turned them into communist canvassing agents, you would or should be bloody furious, if you were to discover that their school had told them what they and you should think.
A Bristol school is believed to be the first in the city to use an anti-British National Party leaflet in lessons to teach teenagers about political issues.

The leaflet being given to pupils at the City Academy in Lawrence Hill is published by a national campaign group called the Unite Against Fascism coalition.
Principal Dr Ray Priest, who has just forfeited his pension some time down the road, said: "We have a responsibility to teach young people about tolerance, caring for each other and respecting each other.

"The policies of parties such as the BNP do not represent any of these things and therefore, in my view, should have no place in our society."

Dr Priest, a supporter of the political terrorist group, the UAF, said pupils were not being told in lessons, 'Don't vote for the BNP' but he said schools had a responsibility to take a proactive position in society.

No, Doctor of What? Schools only have a duty to provide an education and you have overstepped the mark by a long way. Your report card is now well and truly marked and your future forfeited.

Another communist, whose cared is marked is Paulette North, one of the teachers who handed out the leaflets on behalf of the UAF and NUT who paid for them, said teachers and non-teaching staff from all unions had been handing out the leaflets to pupils after school and urging them to tell their
parents not to vote for the BNP.

So what is it to be Doctor Bloody Liar Priest? Your claim that you are not telling people who to vote for is demolished by your own staff.

The only one speaking in any sense in this shameful tale, was Peter Mullins, South West regional organiser for the BNP, who said he was saddened to hear that the leaflets were being given to children.

He said: "This is absolutely awful – beyond the pale. It is a step too far, as far as politics is concerned.

"Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood. They should not be being indoctrinated with one-way political beliefs

You are right Peter, it is sad. God but the BNP are going to have their work cut out fixing things when they finally become the government of the day.

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School Sends 50 laptops and 500 chairs to Zimbabwe. Bet they taste nice. Did not know they still had electric out there. Now they can put all the names of the murdered white farmers on a database.

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