Monday, 1 June 2009

Lost horizons - The suppression of a nation's soul

This was a comment left by Harbi in response to my earlier post, however I felt deserved its own post and a wider readership.

Fifty years ago the peaceful land of Tibet was taken over by a Marxist superstate. Since then millions of migrants have been resettled in Tibet so that now:

  • The Tibetans are a minority in their own country.
  • Their religion has been persecuted and temples destroyed/converted for other uses.
  • Symbols of Tibetan culture are banned.
  • The Tibetan language has been replaced in education.
  • Political dissent is ruthlessly crushed.
  • The beautiful and fragile natural environment of Tibet has been vandalised, looted and polluted.
  • Native Tibetans are discriminated against in employment.
  • Tibetan women are encouraged to have abortions to 'manage' the population.
Does anything sound familiar about this scenario?

Are the Tibetans "racist knuckle-draggers" for protesting about what's happened to them?