Thursday, 4 June 2009

We are the BNP

So the day as arrived. It is Our Day. The BNP D-Day. The polls are open and the early birds are already placing their votes and in many of those voting stations, British National Party activists are already doing their duty for democracy by standing watchful guard.

Whether the almost superhuman efforts of our activists has been enough to awaken enough of our sleeping fellow citizens, we will not know until Sunday. Why we should have to wait until then, is another matter.

In the preparation for this day, our people have have walked hundreds of thousand of miles delivering leaflets, they have developed cramp in their hands folding election addresses and knocked their knuckles raw by door to door canvassing. Giving up precious time with their loved ones so that their children and their children's children have a future. They have sacrificed a part of their life for us. And we must remember that.

Many have made financial sacrifices that can never be repaid in order to help pay for the ammunition needed in this Battle for Britain and when called on have given again and again and again. Holidays cancelled, a night out with the wife shelved and countless other sacrifices made to pay for over 80 tons of leaflets and advertising. Their donations as vital as the people who delivered the leaflets they paid for . All heroes in their own way and they to must be remembered also.

Our enemies, from day one have sought to deny us this day. They thought that they could frighten our activists into silence by publishing their details and encouraging attacks on our brave people and their property.

They had call centres, paid for by trade unions set up, to ring us in the middle of the night to threaten us and when that did not work. Our enemies in The Establishment whipped up their storm troopers in the UAF to physically attack us. To vandalise our homes, smash up our Freedom Stalls and ambush small groups of our people with claw hammers and base ball bats.

And as today grew closer, they wheeled out their big guns to attack us in the shape of the Whore Media. They thought they could carpet bomb us into oblivion with huge numbers of smear attacks and outright lies printed in hundreds of papers every day. Three, four sometimes five smear attacks a day. And the British People ripped up their lies and flushed them away.

Then The Establishment parties revealed their oneness by uniting and turning to face their coming Nemesis, the British National Party.

  • They screamed at the people not to listen to the truth.
  • They threatened the people not to listen to the truth
  • And in the end they fell to their knees and begged the people not to listen to the truth.
But thanks to the heroic (and they were and are heroic, let noone tell you different) efforts of our activists on the ground and our Internet activists on Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc our people managed to get the truth out to the True British People.

They sought to demoralise us by accusing our leaders of all sorts of crimes. They sought to turn us against each other with whispering campaigns to make us doubt our comrades. They sent in their agents of discord and they created false information sites and published outrageous statements to that again their Whore Media could point these articles and scream their favourite word. RACISTS.

And today they have nothing left to throw. Their arsenals are empty. The Establishment is collapsing as a direct result of the British National Party revealing their corruption to our fellow citizens. It was the BNP who started the avalanche rolling by the actions of our sleazebuster Michael Barnbrook that will have won us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of votes today. That mans place in Nationalist history is assured.

And today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, we must keep up our attack in the shape of defence. We must defend those votes that we have won from being stolen from us.

The Establishment is crooked and corrupt. They are desperate to cling to power for they know that when they lose they will be brought to justice. They are war criminals who have cost the lives of hundreds of our servicemen. They have sold of our future. They have destroyed our ability to survive as an indpendent country. They have betrayed us and their country. The are truly traitors who deserve no mercy. They will be punished.

So like cornered desperatre rats, they will try to interfer with the democratic process and deny the people their wishes for change. Their agents will spoil votes, steal our votes, misplace our votes and use every means at their disposal to get the result they need to escape justice.

So our activists who are on duty must be extra vigilant and guard those votes wherever they can. Remember it is not who votes that counts but who counts the vote. Our enemies have learned their lessons from Stalin well.

Now I do not know how successful Our Party will be in this Election. Although reports from all over Our Country seems to show that we are in for some spectacular victories, we cannot be sure of that. All I know is that no matter how many MEPs or councillors we gain as a result of today, they will not be as many as we deserve for our efforts as there are still millions of our countrymen still sleeping even now.

Believe it or not my kinsmen. You are living in one of the most interesting times in Our Country's history and in the speech in the above video in which King Harry speaks about bonds of brotherhood and mentions the names of those at the battle, you to, if you are an activist of the BNP, will also speak of this day, your comrades and the part you played in it for years to come.

Remember. We are the BNP.

Proud to be BNP