Friday, 3 July 2009

Bobby sent me some links

Tell me again WHY WE SHOULDN’T BAN MUSLIM immigration to this country?
Saying “GOOD MORNING” to a Muslim female neighbor can get you killed.

Surge in School Sex Attacks
The Times has an interesting article and series of statistics which document the huge rise in rapes and other sex attacks in British schools.

Housing, Gordon Brown, the BNP and The Guardian
Another (yawn !) s**t article in The Guardian attacking the BNP - and yet again the most informative part of the article are the comments

A Tale of Two Gypsies
A couple of weeks ago, some local people in Belfast made the news when they stoned several houses containing immigrants from Eastern Europe. The immigrants fled in fear of their lives, and eventually left Northern Ireland altogether.

The Religion of Peace in Britain (II)

* A Muslim man has been jailed for four years for stabbing his neighbour (also a Muslim) - for 'looking at his wife'.

An angry husband who stabbed a neighbour because he believed he was chasing after his wife has been jailed for four years.

Are The British Finally FED UP With Islam? Part II

I recently wrote a blog asking the question Are the British Finally FED UP with Islam? This blog was in response to the recent pro-military demostrations prompted by the muslim led ANTI British military protests in Luton. Many British people had been outraged by the disrespect shown to the military by the muslim louts -in particular - the mocking of the fallen troops by the perpetually hate-filled muslim cleric, Anjem "Choudary.