Friday, 3 July 2009

The slave ships

OK, let us make this a quick one. The above video, is a must watch for any trade union member who wonders just where their trade union stands with regards to British Jobs for British Workers.

Grimsby Slave Ship

Now take a closer look at the image above. It is a former prison ship that is now used as a floating hostel for foreign workers and is moored at Grimsby, England.

Now I have actually lived aboard a former prison ship and I can tell you this, the conditions on-board are not the best, especially in warm weather. I do not envy the hundreds of foreign workers, currently occupying the cells. The imported immigrants are nothing more than wage slaves.

And the slave traders are the Employment Agencies that fill them for the multi-national companies that want their cheap labour. Slave traders who will one day face justice for their exploitation of the wages slaves who live on them and their betrayal of the British Workers whose jobs they helped steal.

The area surrounding the approach to the prison hulk is surrounded by barbed wire and security through which the workers are bussed through each day to work for a pittance, that they might send home to feed their families overseas. I do not doubt for one moment that they are hard working men trying to do the best for their families back home but we must put our own people first.

These slaves who are ferried to work each day do not know that they are being paid way below the going rate for the work they do and if they did, they could do nothing about it. They must work to feed themselves or starve. Isolated on their hulks they cannot organise as workers, the slightest muttering of discontent and they are returned to their country of origin and possible starvation.

In the past, when small numbers of migrants have found work here in Our Country, they have lived amongst the local community, been paid the same wages as the indigenous population and put money back into the community they are living in. Over time they have integrated into those communities and contributed to the local economy.

But these slave ships are something else. The workers that are brought in are nothing more than slaves to help boost the profits of the masters of the new world order who own almost everything these days through their multinational companies.

These parasites of the human race do not care that the local people who lose their jobs, will also lose their homes and self respect. All they care about are their profits that allow them to live a life that ordinary people can only dream off. There is no filtering down of wealth.

These vampires, do not care that the unemployed true British Workers will become a further strain on the British Economy by their need to now drain money to live on in unemployment benefit and housing benefit. Taxpayers money that could be used to improve the lot of our sick and elderly.

To these masters of the world, our sick and elderly are exhausted resources. Not human beings. Just resources that have been expended that should be left to die in dirty hospital wards.

Now, there are currently three of these slave ships currently berthed in British Docks and there are more on the way. When they have finished one project, the slave ships will move on to the next job and destroy the economy of yet another British Town. The next slave ship is due to arrive at the Isle of Grain in Kent any time soon. Do the British workers there know they are coming?

Now, in many parts of South East Asia, where British Companies, under orders from their multinational masters have relocated to, the workers live within the grounds of the factory themselves. In some case they are not even allowed out and boy do they work. They work until they drop - the alternative is starvation.

And that my friends is the way the new world order wants it. Comply or die.

The trade unions of today have been hijacked by people who betray their members. You must either take your unions back or leave them and join a real union like Solidarity that does believe in British Jobs for British Workers.