Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Harry Cohen MP and the BNP

Bye bye Harry, Harry bye bye

So the Labour MP, Harry Cohen has said that he will not be standing at the next general election because of stress placed upon him and his wife during the expenses scandal.

Balderdash. This prime labour porker for Wanstead and Leyton, is currently under investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards after gorging on public money for over 26 years and knows that when the full story comes out, that he will be unelectable, if not in jail.

On announcing his decision to stand down, Harry Porker said:
"As you know, I have been repeatedly vilified in the media with false allegations and am still awaiting my name to be cleared both by the Press Complaints Commission and the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards after a complaint was lodged against me by a BNP member."
There. Did you see it? "a complaint was lodged against me by a BNP member". Again, the British National Party is knocking a corrupt politician of their high horse and helping to bring them to justice.

So who was the BNP member who exposed this oily creature, who has leeched off us for over a quarter of a century?

Why none other than our old friend, former police inspector, Michael Barnbrook, the BNP spokesman on Law and Order, who recently played a major part in forcing the resignation of Ian Clement, the deputy Mayor of London.

Nice work Michael. I understand that you have another 18 corrupt crooks on your to do list. Were I on that list, I would be a very worried man. In fact, I would be booking a flight to South America and doing a Ronnie Biggs.

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