Thursday, 2 July 2009

If Searchlight really want to see where money is spent

Party Offices paid for out of taxpayers money

I was thinking about the video made by the little red lickspittle Nick Lowles of Searchlight and a couple of comments he made and realised I would have to revisit the subject.

The first comment, was how Searchlight, (who have also received money from the National Lottery(good how they fund each other)) managed to get an anti-white/anti-BNP article into almost every single newspaper, local and national, almost every day during the run up to the Euro Election where the BNP won two MEPs.

Now I can remember when Searchlight said that the BNP would never win a single council seat. Now we are into three figures councillor wise, have two MEPs and if it had not been for ballot fraud, we would have more than one London Assembly Member.

But I digress. Just how difficult is it to get a smear printed in the new world order press, when all the fourth estate have been told to publish everything you submit, regardless of it being a pack of lies? Not too hard, I imagine.

Then the red vomit said that he would be watching how the BNP spend their money in the future.

Well that made me wonder why you never ever read anything in Searchlight, which is a marxist rag, about government corruption. Well you are not going to bite that hand that feeds you, are you Nick?

And I wonder if we can expect an article in Searchlight about how political parties in Wales have been paid £500,000 for office space for their MPs and AMs?
"Many taxpayers will be surprised and deeply concerned that their money is being used to this end, and it's deeply regrettable that MPs, AMs, any elected official, hasn't been more open about what is effectively taxpayers' money funding political parties.

"They haven't been open about it, for how long they've been doing it, and how much money the political parties have received as a result of these arrangements.

Now some of these offices are actually owned by the parties concerned, so just why taxpayers should have to pay for their rates, utility, insurance and maintenance is completly beyond me.

Can you imagine the outcry from Searchlight if the BNP were to buy offices and then rent them back to themselves for above market value and then sent the bill to British Taxpayers? They would be screaming like stuck pigs.

But no, Searchlight will ignore that and "watch" the BNP instead. Well carry on guys, because one day we will be watching you squirm in the dock at your trials.

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