Thursday, 2 July 2009

So who was Glyn Ford MEP

Ecologists are worried about declining UAF numbers

I was reading about the ten most endangered species on our planet and discovered that the most endangered animal, is the Black Rhino, with less than 3,000 of them left. Then again that is still more than there are supporters of the sexless UAF.

Then I started thinking about the sad and pathetic creatures who make up the UAF and smiled at the memory of Tara, the former Pontypool prop who is now the woman's spokesman for the whacky LGBT.

Sorry Tara, your not my type.
I am not sure you are anyone's type to be honest

Tara, you remember, is the one who gave us a laugh by talking to him/herself outside the Kimberley Hotel, whilst her so called comrades wandered off in embarrassment. I actually felt real pity for this poor creature.

Then my thoughts turned to real pleasure at the fact that Glyn Ford is now an ex MEP, having finally been twigged by the South West Region electorate, who turfed him out on his ANL butt during the European Elections. Sheer joy overwhelms me.

Glyn of course is still the National Treasurer for the Anti-Nazi League(ANL) and a member of the Unite Against Fascism's(UAF) steering comittee.

Not having much luck are they, the UAF? The curse of Ken Livingstone is upon them. Ken, the former Mayor of London is the Chairman of the UAF, but no longer able to bung them money. More thoughts of joy.

Then of course there was the toppling of the professional black, the leech Lee Jasper, another UAF stalwart and unelected steering committee member and "friend" of Red Ken. Gone to. Joy and double joy.

And of course, the effeminate Glyn Ford is now also gone. Ford, a personal friend of both Gerry Gable and Ken Livingstone was exposed as being a real red leech by his former assistant Kay Baxter. I wonder who is going to pay for his foreign trips to Asia now?

I do hope though, that the UAF do not become totally extinct and would suggest that we find a nice place to look after the few remaining ones with the hope that one day we can clone them.

The UAF sadly, do not breed, being mainly transexual, homosexual or lesbian - oh and a few pansexuals - whatever they are.

One day there will only be Weyman left - sitting in the corner of his padded room and wondering where it all went wrong.