Saturday, 4 July 2009

A month has passed and where are we now

by johnofgwent

Well, here we are. A month has gone by since Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons were elected to the European Parliament. I know in politics people talk of a "first hundred days" and a "honeymoon period" but they forget the term "honeymoon" derives from a tradition that the in-laws provided enough mead to get drunk for a month.

Wikipedia fails to further define whether it is the father of the bride that must provide the alcohol for the groom, or the father of the groom that must provide it for the bride, but I've always held the opinion that the mythical months supply of booze was there to be consumed in nothing like moderation at all ince the "novelty of the new relationship" wore off and the full horror of what each had gone and done to themselves for the rest of their lives hit them.

But what would I know, having been married for almost twenty eight years now. Hmmm. Best not go there.

However, you get my point I hope. Time has marched on. So wehat has happenned since the Labour Party woke up to find their closet commie pal Gerry Gable had taken their money and failed to deliver on his promise to "Stop The BNP"

Well, I'll be honest with you.

It seems to me "Not a Lot Really".

Daily Email bulleting still hit my inbox every day urging me to empty my wallet into the party coffers.

Most of them over the past month have focussed on establishment media slurs launched against the party and its elected representatives, candidates, or members in the public eye through vindictive action on the part of the state and its feriends in the darkest corners.

Those very same emails trill out the message that "We Are A Mainstream Party Now With Representation At All Levels Of Government". BUT they overlook in a way that would make Peter Mandelson proud, the fact that 7% of the vote wont get us first past the post in Westminster any more than it got the Liberals under Jeremy Thorpe, and in Holyrood and the Cardiff Bay Hot Air Pit the rigging of the element of proportionality assures only Con, Lib and Plaid Curry benefit, in Wales and Tory and Labour benefit in Scotland.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Ghenghis Khan was a much misunderstood bloke. A man who conquered through mastering the art of communication. When he invaded what is now Iraq he made sure before anyone got into the saddle for the ride to war, everyone knew, for every man had heard from The Great Leader's own mouth that they were to wage war on with the country's rulers, not on it's people, and that was because the rulers had made it known they wanted Ghenghis Khan's head on a pole outside their palace gate.

Ghenghis Khan was a master of communication prior to war and a master of communication after it. He had the armies of his opponents slaughtered but then that was it. Artisans, craftsmen and the ordinary peasant workmen, the people who were the lifeblood of his empire's production, were nurtured in a regieme that whilst hardly democratic, was seen to be hardest of all upon public officials found with their hands in the tills, or allowing money to buy political influence or legal immunity.

No sooner had he won the battle than he had the former rulers brought to public trial on charges that they had betrayed their people by spending the taxes gathered in their name on fine palaces and fine living instead of being spent on the defence of their country. And after a very public trial on crimes of failing to protect the people found them guilty, he had them beheaded not for opposing him, but for failing to defend the land and people from invasion

And you have to say he had a point. It the rulers of that sorry land had spent a little less on the ancient equivalent of Duck Houses and a little more on the ancient equivalent of roadside bomb proof vehicles, then who can say whether it would not have been Khan's head on the pole. And who can say whether this weekend Prince Charles would still be able to call his friend instead of having his manservant lay out his dress uniform for the funeral.

But back to my point.

A month is a long time in politics.

Would someone please get the people we elected to stand up on a podium and tell us what happens next.