Saturday, 4 July 2009

What the hell is going on?

While they tell you you cannot watch your children play sport because you might be a paedophile this is what they are teaching your children.

How much more are decent people going to take? The world is going insane. Does the government want the people to march on Parliament, drag them out and hang the whole rotten bunch from the nearest lampposts?

On the one hand, you read here about a school stopping parents from attending their children's sports day to "protect" pupils from child abductors and making offensive and really outrageous statements such as:
'If we let parents into the school they would have been free to roam the grounds. All unsupervised adults must be kept away from children.
A statement that insults every man in the country, married or single. Father or not who walks around on his own. Would a father needing to go to a toilet be required to have someone with him?

Meanwhile, the paedophiles are in the government and in the school already. The image above the kind of sick shit they are trying to tell us is "normal".

Then you have Brown, comparing people who find casual sex in public toilets with loving couples. You might not be able to legislate love but you can legislate public decency.

Now I do not care a damn what homosexuals do in private, I am not interested in whether they decide to "rimm" or "fist" each other. Other than I would suggest they use a mouth wash after and then wash their hands and arms. Who are these fools who laugh at so called comedians who use those words to get a laugh from an audience that does not even have a clue about just what those acts involve?

But I really do object to scum like the perverts friend David Cameron for "apologising" for once trying to prevent the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Are you a conservative? Is this piece of slimy excrement speaking for you?

There have already been cases where paedophiles have been allowed to adopt and foster children, only to sexually abuse them. When are you idiots voting lib/lab/con/paedophiles going to wake up.

Do you really want young children reading books like "Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin", which is currently stocked in school libraries and from which the above image was taken?

I cannot write any more. The whole lot is just too bloody depressing.

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