Monday, 1 June 2009

You heard it here first

Back in February I posted an article entitled 'The "benefits" of immigration" (link here) in which I suggested that readers do a little test and type the words "sending money home" into Google and check how many million results they get (last time I tried it was just under 120 million).

Well it seems that our old friends at the Daily Mail have done the same test and were rather stunned by the results, and in an article today, they admit that immigrants are sending almost £1.8 billion out of the country each year (£4.9 million a day).

To my mind this figure is somewhat modest, and I suspect that the nervous Mail have merely peeped under the lid a much larger can of worms. However, even if you only add this figure to last year's report, which found that mass immigration has brought little if any benefit to the UK, and the recent findings by Migration Watch that each immigrant costs the economy around £1.5 million during their lifetime, it is not hard to detect the flaws in the claims that this country benefits from immigration, or that continued high levels of immigration are essential for our national well being.

You heard it here first folks, once again, where the Home of the Green Arrow leads others will finally follow!

Sarah: Maid of Albion