Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Armalite in one hand and the ballot box in the other

George Galloway running away from an election!!!
Respect? How can you respect a man dressed like that?

How many of you remember that statement? "The Armalite in one hand and the ballot box in the other".

It was made by a member of the vicious, murdering animals of IRA/Sinn Fein and was used with some success to terrorise the British government into capitulation, leading to the betrayal of the people of Ulster(Northern Ireland).

Well The Establishment parties of the Lib/Lab/con pact and associated minor parties such as The Green Party and Plaid have for once learned a lesson from history and are now using the same tactics to try and subvert the democratic process in Our sad Country.

An example of using the hand holding the ballot box, is the announcement that the mainly moslem Respect Party, whose leader is the lycra clad MP, George Galloway has stood aside and urging its supporters to vote for the Green Party as a means of stopping the British National Party in the coming European Elections.

Caroline Lucas MEP
Leader of the Green Party

And knowing how enrichment politics work, you can bet that those in the colonised areas will do exactly as they are told.

You can also bet that they will be using their novel ways of using Postal ballots to ensure that the results go the right way... for them, unless of course they get caught with their hands in the ballot box cookie jar, as were these new democrats, here and here in Slough and Peterborough.

Then there is the hand with the Armalite or rather the Claw Hammer in it. Searchlight and the UAF.

The fast tracked politically appointed senior officers of Derbyshire Constabulary, armed with their bogus degrees in Socially and Anthropology are attempting to prevent the British National Party holding their annual family festival called the RWB at the same location as last year.

Despite the fact that since the RWB started up almost nine years ago, there as never been one arrest of a member or attendee of the event, Superintendent Howard Veigas says that the police would object if the party were to seek to hold the event again this year.
"In the view of the Derbyshire Constabulary, the site at Codnor-Denby Lane is not a suitable venue for an event which generates such strong emotions and objections.

"We would oppose it on the grounds of risk to public safety, prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance and protection of children from harm.

"The protests last year led to a high number of arrests following various incidents of disorder which took place around the site.

"The open nature of the site means that it is impossible for the festival to be protected against any determined and violent opponent without a large police presence."
Now it is true that there were 33 arrests at last years event, but these were of violent thugs and dupes who were incited into violence by their puppet masters in the state run Searchlight organisation and their storm troopers of the UAF to attack the BNP event. No British National Party members or supporters were arrested or involved in any act of violence. They left that to the states red rubbish agents.

Just so you remember. StoptheBNP is run by the communist and convicted criminal Gerry Gable who owns Searchlight. The UAF, whose chairman is Ken Livingstone is funded by the Moslems and is a recruiting front for the Socialist Workers Party. StoptheRWB is the alliance of Searchlight and the UAF and they are the armalite in the other hand of the enemy of democracy.

Of course the police will raise no objections to the next London Carnival of Slaughter where there will be murders, rapes and muggings galore. The cost of policing that will be acceptable, because the event it is not a threat to the pigs in parliaments positions at the troughs of public money they gorge.

So instead of tracking down those advocating violence on the blogs and forums of the UAF the police would rather give the illusion of being concerned about public safety, when really all they are doing, is the work of the government by working in collaboration with the thugs of Searchlight and the UAF whose allies they secretly are. All a bit too obvious though for the morons of marxism.

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