Monday, 11 May 2009

British National Party Launches its European Election Manifesto

The manifesto deals with the BNP’s main election pledges, which are as follows:

- We will campaign for Britain to withdraw from the EU.

- BNP MEPs will always vote in the European Parliament in the best interests of Britain and the British people.

- We will seek to expose and oppose EU corruption, incompetence, fraud and waste.

- We will work closely with MEPs from
other countries that share our aims and beliefs, in order to be more
effective and successful.

- We will maintain the highest
standards of probity and integrity. In this regard, all BNP MEP
candidates have signed a pledge to donate ten percent of their pre-tax
salary to local cultural groups and activities in their regions. This
would mean payments to groups celebrating our national saints’ days.

- We should have British control over
British borders so as to stop unlimited and uncontrolled immigration
and reduce crime and terrorism.

- Britain, not the EU, should decide who lives in this country.

- Anyone not born in Britain who commits a crime here should be deported.

- British citizens should only be
extradited where they have committed a genuine offence abroad and there
is sufficient evidence against them.

- Our armed forces should be under British control and serve British interests.

- We must keep the Pound and control over our own economy.

- We oppose the UK’s payment to the EU - next year this will cost British taxpayers around £9 billion.

- We support the ability to trade with other countries when this is done fairly and on equal terms.

- ‘British jobs for British workers’: employers should be obliged to provide jobs and training to British workers.

- We need to eliminate unnecessary and bureaucratic EU regulations which cost British businesses around £75 billion per year.

- Britain must withdraw from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which costs each family around £450 per year.

- Britain must withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

- Britain must have exclusive control over its territorial waters.

- Britain must retain control over its oil and gas supplies.

- We should restore the use of Britain’s traditional weights and measures.

- The British parliament and British courts should be independent of any foreign body.

- The government should stop the
closure of Post Offices, especially in rural areas, and there should be
no privatisation of this public service.

The full manifesto can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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