Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Thre rise of Nick Griffin and the BNP

By: Brendan J. Scarborough
The Nationalist eJournal

Onward and upward

The British National Party of Nick Griffin in 2009 in no way mirrors John Tyndall’s British National Party of 1999 - the incrementally less radical and observably crude step child of his New National front - other than perhaps the common use of John Walker’s now universally recognised BNP logo. The contemporary organisation styling itself the British National Party is an entirely different animal altogether from any of its precursors, and has made great progress - largely through the indefatigable efforts of it’s current chairman -Nicholas J. Griffin - in divesting itself of the extremist fringe element and the excessive attitudes and rhetoric which characterised and marginalised the old Nationalist movement of the inter-war period, and the latter first incarnation of the BNP in the 60’s which eventually merged with the now largely defunct though arguably extant National Front.

Although it’s legion of political enemies are diligent in reminding the public of the current BNPs overtly racist and antisemitic antecedents, the 21st century BNP has nevertheless enjoyed increasing and well justified success in shedding the petty media driven image of the BNP as a small, sordid band of illiterate, hate-mongering bully boys out to desecrate proper society and sully the ears of the good people of the world with its mindless message of unprovoked hatred and intolerance.

And as the party grows, gains unprecedented mainstream press coverage, and geographically expands its presence throughout the counties, boroughs, *parishes, and wards of the United Kingdom, it has, exponentially, become increasingly difficult for anyone but a fanatically left-wing partisan die-hard to reconcile the widely promoted and carefully cultivated caricature of BNP supporters as: beetle browed, knuckle dragging thugs and neo-Nazi fetishists with the reality of the flesh and blood BNP members themselves who in person seem remarkably less like cartoonish, Hitler worshiping brownshirts, and surprisingly more like a hard working, well-mannered neighbour, or a middle class businessman, school teacher, university student, hospitality worker, kindly pensioner, or your sister, nephew, aunt or uncle. And of course all of these respectable walks of life are, indeed, generously represented within the ranks of the BNP membership, and very much typical of the sort who are attracted to the British Nationalist Movement.
A stark contrast to the left’s laughable portrait of a dark and menacing fascist insurgency threatening to topple civilisation and trample democracy if decent folk let down their guard even for an instant.

That the BNP has been able to surmount the incredible obstacles of state sponsored social demonisation, its almost crippling pecuniary limitations, political ostracism, church condemnation, and a well organised and richly funded campaign of anti-nationalist propaganda, intimidation, sabotage, and harassment by the left - is nothing less than a miracle, and a testament not only to the courage and fortitude of British Nationalists, but to the strength, validity, and resonance of their message.

There are no greater terrors which haunt the unfathoumable recesses of the European liberal progressive mind than the idea that the far right might somehow throw off the shackles of social ostracism and disapproval so skilfully and painstakingly forged by it’s opponants to emerge as a legitimate, popularly supported political alternative. An antidote to the LibLabCon elixir of unquestioning socio-political conformity and scientifically engineered Prêt-à-Porter public opinion.

What is it about the British Nationalist and other European Nationalist movements which fills the establishment with such palpable apprehension that there seems no trick too dirty, no slander or invective too outrageous to spew, and no form of intimidation deemed unacceptable in assailing this vexatiously un-assimilable and unyielding ideological antagonist? The simple answer: is that the establishment is afraid of the nationalist’s stubborn insistence upon standing with both feet firmly within the realm of objective reality no matter how inconvenient or unpleasant, rather than submerge himself in the sanity denuded fantasy world of the liberal cult of mass delusional psychosis. In plain speak: ‘nationalists see things as they truly are and do not shy away from telling it like it is rather than live in a state of politically or socially expedient denial’. They simply refuse to ‘get with the programme’. They are thus regarded by the hegemonic, monomaniacal left as morbidly non-conformist and an intolerable impediment to the grand design for European ‘harmonisation’. Or as in the case of the United Kingdom: ‘Harmanisation’.

A pre-cancerous lesion of traditionalist heterodoxy threatening to mutate into a full fledged disease of anti-liberal heresy, metastisising and infecting the masses with its subversive ideas of true racial equality, personal liberty and freedom, National sovereignty and ethnic identity. Masses which belong to the latest, and at last victorious incarnation of the Marxist International, innocuously paraphrased as the European Union rather than the more descriptive Union of European Socialist Republics. The euro- Comintern in Brussels will not relinquish its compliant herd of sheep to these Nationalist counter- revolutionaries so easily; as Herr Haider could tell you were he still among the living.

But much to the shock and growing terror of the liberal elite, the anti-Nationalist cold war waged against the British National Party since the victory of the creeping neo-Marxist occupation of Britain this past decade has apparently not only failed to neutralise it’s most dangerous - if not only real enemy- but it has watched helplessly as its battle hardened arsenal of dirty tricks, street level combat units and anti-nationalist terror squads, and totalitarian anti-free speech legislation have increasingly diminished in their effective capacity to keep the Nationalist genie in the bottle. Despite its frequent, well orchestrated plots to derail the BNP, the lunatic left which has confidently and defiantly led the United Kingdom down the path to unimagined ruin, is losing ground to the Nationalist voice of reason.

BNP membership list leak

The publication of the stolen BNP membership list was no doubt intended to provide a hit-list of British National Party members; a blueprint for intimidation, harassment, and persecution to be used by the left’s street level paramilitary: the Antifa, UAF, and Searchlight; and also as a ploy for encouraging community ostracism of those whose names appear on this convenient invoice of ‘enemies of the state’.

But this desperate, sickening manoeuvre backfired stupendously when the names on the list revealed not the expected roster of criminals and social misfits, but conversely, a litany of doctors, lawyers, policemen, teachers, tradesmen, academicians, engineers, and other well-educated, respected members of their communities and of mainstream society. Rather than a scandalous rap sheet, the BNP membership list proved itself a startling revelation of what and who the typical BNP supporter really was; something quite removed from the poisonous villainy the public had been led to imagine.


The left is now running scared at the prospect of a BNP MEP. After failing to stop a growing flood of BNP contestants from entering the British body politic at the local coucil level, and Richard Barnbrook from being elected to the Greater London Assembly, the established parties are positively apoplectic at the thought of the BNP acquiring the legitimisation – and financial windfall - a European Parliamentary seat would confer. The establishment media and scaremongering socialist politicians have been disingenuously predicting a possible 7 BNP candidates finding themselves heading for Brussels and Strasbourg come June 4th, hoping to rally the red mob in a last ditch effort at preventing even one BNP MEP taking a seat. Though the BNP itself is cautiously optimistic that it will manage to take even a single seat.

The BBC, press, and Internet have been deluged with a tidal wave of anti-BNP propaganda; from the marginally credible to the shamelessly fantastic. From dismissible tabloid rags like the News Of The World we are treated to stories of the ‘Britler Youth’. Where innocent young minds are corrupted at imaginary BNP Nationalist indoctrination training camps. The minds of our youth belong to the leftist regime, and all indoctrination of children must be confined to your local comprehensive under the proper supervision of officially sanctioned commissars don’t you know?

But supposedly respectable journalistic sources such as:The Times and even the BBC have been eagerly assisting in this widespread pre-Europarl election smear campaign; promoting, for instance, the ridiculous aside of the BNPs deputy chairman Simon Darby’s supposedly outrageous slanders against the migrant Bishop of York –John Sentamu-, who Mr. Darby had the effrontery to call an ‘ambitious African’. Perhaps I’m missing something. Is there something offensive about ambition or an African heritage? Of course there are no correlating stories recounting the BNP card carrying octogenarian WWII veterans who must regularly contend with being referred to as Nazis and Fascists. Entities they risked their lives and endured great hardship to defeat. Does being referred to as ambitious or African even minutely compare with repeatedly being called a murderer or brutal oppressor by the government, the media, or your neighbours? For isn’t that what are Nazis and Fascists?

To victory and beyond

The BNP has no doubt girded its loins in anticipation of what will surely prove the most brutal leftist offencive imaginable; its seasoned ranks of executives, organisers, and activists preparing for all contingencies, and maintaining the strictest discipline and professionalism hoping to tilt in its favour the odds of reaching election day without confronting any majour disasters in order to optimise its chances of claiming at least one precious victory. And what are the considerable implications of a BNP success in the European parliamentary elections? That will be addressed in part II. The BNP and the future of Britain. But I will leave off by declaring my fervent hope, that Monsieur LePen and his front National will not be so lonely come June.