Saturday, 9 May 2009

Three Grand For a New Boiler ? Man why didn't you find a pole to do it for cash ?

Showering hard for it, more like
by johnofgwent

Full story here

News just in that the much loved MP for Torfaen has decided that rather than find the cold tap he'll spend three grand of your money and mine having a new boiler fitted. HE says it's because the oldone could not be repaired but the expenses claim that has NOT been censored by him prior to release, the one the media got their hands on, seems to say he wanted a new one as the water was too hot.

Who do we believe here ? I don't know but the Welsh Secretary is trying to make out Peter Hain and Rhodri Morgan are splendid chaps much maligned by the media, so I know the chap lives in cloud cuckoo land.

Mr Murphy had better look to his laurels come the next election. He might have some stiff competition on his ballot paper.