Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What moral right do they have now?

Not much time as I have had some solid gold information provided by our very good friend and kinsman, Man of the Woods and need to excavate it asap before somebody else digs it up or attempts to hide it.  Sorry to tease but must keep mum for now.

But seeing this morning that the Pigs of Parliament are starting to say sorry, I thought I had better say something about them.  You all know what I am talking about.  Their theft of public money.

If they really think they can escape justice by saying sorry and by the UAF supporter David Cameron saying he will withdraw the Party whip, they can dream on.  They will face justice, make no bones about that.

The best thing Parliament can do now, is to release the names of all those truly "Honourable" MPs who did not exploit the system for personal wealth.  Regardless of party, those men have at least shown propriety and respect for office and should replace the Ministers and Shadow Ministers who have been revealed to be nothing more than fraudsters.

All those MPs who were elected to REPRESENT the people have abused their office and betrayed the trust of the people.  They were not elected to RULE and to line their own pockets.  They must go.  They should be suspended from Parliament, a new Speaker of the House found and then criminal investigations take place.

Who now, can trust these Pigs in Parliament?  Who now but only a fool would believe anything they say ever again.

They need to be Punished and punished severely.  They are finished, even if they escape justice (for now).  They can never look an elector in the eye again without having their corruption thrown in their face and we in the British National Party will not let them ever forget - until they have served their sentences.

I used to look on the Palace of Westminster as a symbol of all that was great in our ripped apart country.  Now when I look at images of it I can only see a giant pig trough and would not be sorry to see it demolished.   It needs fumigating and cleansing from top to bottom and the filth in it thrown on the the nearest midden.

By the way, was it just me or did yesterday seem to be one of the best days ever for the British National Party?

I felt it was like that part in the film, Battle of Britain when the RAF realised they had broken the back of the Luftwaffe bombing campaign in the 2nd World War and that the RAF were now on the counter attack in earnest.



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