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Shilling For Islamic Jihad - Part Three

By Reconquista

Part Three: The Silent Shill of The Guardians


In the final part of three essays, I'm going to discuss various groups who present a serious threat to our society. Each group by itself seemingly doesn't pose a danger. But because each of them choose to cower before the Islamic jihad instead of protecting and maintaining the rights and freedoms each of these groups proclaim to uphold, they combine to advance the global jihad.

Following on from the two previous essays which looked at how the western media and the United Nations advance the global jihad, it would now be appropriate to put all of the governments of the Islam-loving European Union under the microscope to discover how they are playing an active role in prosecuting Islamic jihad.

However, great counter-jihadists such as the mighty Norwegian essayist Fjordman, the perceptive Bat Y'eor - who coined the ever-so-apt term "Eurabia" - and of course the late, great and much missed Oriana Fallaci have all laid bare the treachery of the Marxist EU's criminal alliance with the forces of Islam.
What Fjordman calls "Europe's great betrayal" is there for those who have eyes and wish to see and I urge you to read these authors whose works represent a detailed, historical record of how the EU sold out its own people.

So instead of concentrating on the treason of government- and for we British that means the treason of successive Labour AND Conservative governments - I'm going to discuss how influential groups in our society are advancing the jihad and who therefore present a serious threat to our nation because they are totally blind as to how their own actions - or more accurately, inactions - endanger not just those of us who oppose the ongoing Islamification of our nation. They greatly endanger the minority groups in our society that these organisations are supposed to fight for. By failing to stand up to the Islamic jihad, these organisations become the tolerant appeasers of jihad, often more accurately described as "useful idiots".

Love One Another

The British Empire, arguably the greatest Empire the world has ever seen, was an empire whose foundations lay in the Judeo-Christian religions. Indeed, Britain is (was?) a Christian country whose monarch is also the head of the Church of England.

The C of E is now in such a sorry state of decline it is actually aiding the third global jihad. Instead of Christian leaders who diligently and steadfastly work to maintain and uphold the values, traditions and standards that saw the church playing a pivotal role in forming the once mighty British nation, we now have weak leaders who are concentrating on tolerating and accommodating the Islamic religion in our land.

In the Gospel of St. John, Jesus Christ issues an important commandment:

"You must love one another as I have loved you so that all will know you are my disciples." John, 15:12

Future generations of Christians came to regard this as Christ's greatest commandment. But in multicultural Britain, the C of E is seemingly taking this commandment as meaning:

You must love all others more than you love your own. Love all others who follow a different religion, even if such a religion commands its followers to subjugate all non-believers including Christians. You should not love your own because it is a selfish love and it will offend followers of other faiths. Selfish Christians who seek to preserve their religious traditions are ignorant, bigoted people who seek to exclude others and therefore divide society. It simply isn't Godly to criticise or dismiss the beliefs of others who tread a different path to reach the same Almighty God we all believe in. We're all the same and criticism of other faiths sows the seeds of racism and intolerance and if we show selfless love instead, people of all faiths will be able to co-exist in peace and harmony.

This certainly appears to be the stance taken by the Church of England with Prince Charles openly praising Islam and calling for the monarch to have the title "Defender of the Faiths" and the Archbishop of Canterbury calling for constructive accommodation of Islamic practices, including Sharia law, which he described as being "seemingly unavoidable".

And where is the voice of the "Defender of the Faith", the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II? It is one thing to be the bearer of a title. It is quite another to shoulder the burden of heavy responsibility and exercise your duty to your people by taking positive actions to "defend the faith" so that the title actually means something and its use is merited.

At a time when Christians in the Islamic world are relentlessly persecuted for their beliefs and having seen the rout of the Orthodox Christian community in Serbian Kosovo whose abandoned, beautiful churches have since been desecrated by Islamic jihadists, the Christian leaders of Great Britain are refusing to take a stand against a so-called religion whose fanatical followers will for certain bring the persecutions of the ME and the Balkans to the realm.

Jesus Christ may well have said "turn the other cheek" and "love one another", but I very much doubt he meant that these two quite noble ideas should be implemented to the point where his church commits suicide.

For in today's Church of England, the shepherds are now inviting the wolves to roam freely amongst their flock under a cloak of lies and misinformation. The consequences for the flock and for the C of E do not need further elaboration.

Suffer Little Children

Discussing the Church of England's tacit support of Islam leads me nicely into another of Christ's teachings. From my school-days, I remember a hymn we sang often: "Suffer little children to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

All I can say is that if this is true then there must be an awful lot of children in heaven who have been sent there by the actions of Muslims. And it began with the Islamic Prophet Mohammed who not only married a six year old girl who he then sexually abused when she was nine, he also ordered the beheading of boys after the massacre of the Banu Qurayazah tribe.

I'm sure many people are aware that under Sharia Law, children as young as nine years of age are allowed to marry grown men. But I wonder how many people are aware of the following fatwa regarding sex with infants issued by the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini:

"A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl's sister."

Do you, as I do, wonder how many innocent little babies were sexually abused because of this fatwa? But sexual abuse of children isn't the only abuse children suffer under Islamic rule.

Children have been murdered in their thousands by Islamic jihadists - can any of us ever forget what happened to the terrified school children of Beslan? - and during the Shia festival of Ashura, babies, infants and children are dreadfully mutilated by their own parents.

Added to this litany of horrors is widespread child slavery, especially in countries such as the Sudan and Somalia, and as I highlighted in part two of these essays, children are being brainwashed by terrorist organisations such as HAMAS and Hizbollah to hate the Jews and become martyrs for Allah.

All of this begs a very important question:

Where is the condemnation of this child abuse by organisations such as UNICEF, Save The Children, The NSPCC, Children In Crisis etc.? Where are the protests, the broadcast and print media campaigns to bring to the public's attention the widespread abuse of children wherever Islam festers? Where is the strongest condemnation by civilised governments demanding that these abuses end? Where are the resolutions passed by the UN to help protect innocent children in the Islamic world from becoming yet more victims of the lust, perversions, and hate of Islamic jihadists?

Failing to protect the weakest and most vulnerable of human beings is a shame upon the world but more so on those who claim to be the guardians and protectors of children but whose silence is a gift from Allah to the beasts of Islam.

An immoral, appeasing gift that only serves to place the innocent children of the west in great jeopardy.

A Man's World

One only has to witness the somewhat disquieting sight of a Muslim female clad from tip-to-toe in a some sort of black rag, with only her face or her eyes exposed, to realise that women are regarded as second class subservient beings in Islam.

Yet such a sad spectacle is evidence of a clear blasphemy and although logic isn't a strong point when it comes to matters of faith, male Muslims have taken irrationality to a new level. Because how can their supposedly perfect Allah create something so imperfect it needs to be completely covered lest it corrupts males by arousing uncontrollable lust? It would seem that the perfect creator has created many imperfect creations.

But covering up these second-class imperfect beings isn't enough under Islamic Sharia Law. I'm sure most people are aware that a Muslim male can have four wives but I wonder how many know that a husband can divorce a wife at any time just by stating "I divorce you" 3 times?

That during menstruation, a husband is not allowed to "lie" with his wife because blood is "Haram" or strictly forbidden? That should a wife not obey her husband he has the right to beat her? Checkout verse 4:34 of the Qu'ran, see for yourself how merciful Allah is to women .

Then we have the concept of blood money. Under Sharia Law, the family of a murdered victim may claim blood money from the assailant. As if this practice wasn't bad enough, the value of a woman's life is half that of a man. And for non-Muslims living as subservient dhimmis, the value of their lives is half that of a Muslim woman.

The oppression of women continues unbridled in the Sunni sect of Islam, where there is an arrangement for temporary marriages called "Misyar". This is where Muslim males can, for money, temporarily marry a woman. During this time he will visit her when he feels the need and then when he has had enough of her he will divorce her. Misyar is particularly appealing for males who lack the wealth to pay for a traditional Islamic wedding. It is far less appealing for the majority of young girls from impoverished backgrounds who are used as bait by their poverty-stricken families to enter into these arrangements which are really nothing but legalised prostitution that rob the women involved of their marriage rights and their human dignity.

Throughout the Islamic world, women are punished severely for sex crimes. Under Sharia law, a rape victim needs four male witnesses to prove her case, a near-impossible task. In Pakistan, 75% of the women in prisons there are actually victims of rape. Mind you, at least they're still alive. In Iran, women found guilty of sex crimes - sex before marriage and adultery - are thrashed and stoned to death. What a barbaric, horrific way to die.

Yet in the western world, feminist organisations have fought for women's rights and nowadays, the sexes are treated equally in our society. But where are their voices demanding equality for Muslim women? I've written about the recent "march of the dhimmis" in western capital cities and these marches were packed with women - one charge against the Police was even led by one - supporting the rights of the "Palestinian" people.

Why haven't they marched in support of the rights of "Palestinian" women who were criminally deployed as human shields by HAMAS, or for the rights of those poor rape victims languishing in Pakistani prisons?

Maybe it's because these guardians of femininity are too busy marching through the streets of London, New York, Paris and Berlin screaming "we're all Palestinians" blissfully unaware that were they "Palestinians", their menfolk would reduce them to the level of beasts and equality of the sexes would be the least thing they would have to worry about. Making it through the day without being used as a punchbag by an enraged Muslim male lunatic is an ordeal millions of Muslim women endure each and everyday, an ordeal largely ignored by feminists in the west.

Ignorance is bliss. At least it is until reality bites hard.

All Quiet On The Western Front

There are many more organisations whose silent shilling for for jihad also deserves a mention here. We have organisations involved in promoting "Gay Rights" who love to flaunt their homosexuality at various gay "Mardi Gras" carnivals but who aren't so extrovert about condemning for example, the hanging of gays in Iran or the rantings of Imams who demand that homosexuals be thrown off mountains as the infamous Channel 4 documentary "Undercover Mosque" exposed.

There are the animal rights activists who have protested vigorously - and often violently - against fox-hunting, horse racing, the use of furs and of course against medical experiments conducted on animals yet who seem totally at ease with the Halal slaughter of animals whose meat fills the kebabs of Britain. Slitting an animal's throat and letting it bleed to death for several minutes obviously isn't considered a cruel enough practice to divert the animal-loving guardians from their nut-cutlets. And I've not even mentioned how Muslim children are forced to carry out this cruel Halal method of slaughter during Islamic feasts such as Eid.

And then we have the Jewish organisations in Britain who support Muslim immigration but who also support the state of Israel in its never-ending struggle for survival against the Islamic global jihad. Jewish organisations such as the Jewish Chronicle who froth and foam at the mouth to attack the BNP as being anti-Semitic. Suicidal Jews who in their uninformed, mindless frenzy are forgetting that they are bringing upon their own Jewish communities the very same force whose holy book commands them to hate the Jew and kill them wherever they hide, see the hadith of Sahih Muslim book 41 #6985.

Throughout the Islamic world, people who wish to leave the Islamic faith - apostates - are tortured or killed. Religious police whip and beat people for not attending Friday prayer. Thieves have limbs amputated, people are whipped and beaten for revealing too much flesh, for not growing a beard, or for having the audacity to sell records and CDs. Insulted and dishonoured fathers, brothers and uncles regain their family's tarnished honour by killing their own wives, daughters and sisters, a practice that is now creeping into the west.

But there are no mass-demonstrations throughout the capital cities of the west for these victims of inhumane Islamic brutality. No hate-filled mobs screaming "we are all apostates", no demands for justice and human rights for these persecuted people. No governments declaring a "war against abuse and inhumanity". All that these oppressed, beleaguered and abused victims are offered from the west to comfort them in their suffering is a cold shoulder accompanied with the indifferent silence of the guardians.

It is a shameful, cowardly silence that will enable the cruel beasts who perpetrate these sickening abuses to inflict the same suffering on our own people, all in the name of "The Religion of Peace".


This essay brings to an end a three-part series about how the current global jihad is advancing in the west. From the way the media are deliberately misinforming and misleading their readers, to the UN's often active participation in waging jihad to serve the Islamic dictators and despots who are now running the UN to the silence of the guardians who refuse to stand up for their own values and principles when it comes to confronting the Islamic world for its appalling and brutal violations of human rights.

As proud British Nationalists, it is so important that we are fully aware of how jihad is being waged not just by the Islamic jihadists but by the actions or inactions of our very own people. We are fighting a war to defend our nation from the third global jihad and it is a war that is being fought on many fronts as you are no doubt aware. The information war is a major part of this conflict.

We British Nationalists have chosen to pick up the gauntlet and fight to defend the realm. It is therefore our duty to speak out and confront not just the Islamic jihadists but all of those who aid and abet them either pro-actively or, as we have seen in this essay, passively.

The silence of the guardians is every bit as destructive as an act of terrorism, an act of betrayal or an act of treason. Neither ignorance nor cowardice are valid excuses to justify passive, subservient silence. I believe we as British Nationalists have a duty to stand up and fight the global jihad being waged against us by a determined, fanatical enemy so we can save our country from the tyranny of Islam. The Achilles Heel of Islam is the truth about what it really is. One of the best ways to fight jihad is to spread the truth about Islam as much as we can. I'll now end these essays with a few excellent resources that will help us further expose the unpleasant truth about the Islamic religion.

Further Information

1. A very courageous woman, Dr. Homa Darabi:

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2. Shocking images of the Shia festival of "Ashura":

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3. "To love, honour and obey":

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4. The truth about Islam in the words of its Prophet:

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5. The magnificent Wafa Sultan discusses Sharia Law:

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6. This is not easy to watch, in fact it is absolutely harrowing. This is how women are treated in Islam and it is horrific viewing but IT MUST BE SEEN. This is the harsh reality women are enduring RIGHT NOW in the Islamic world, a harsh reality that is being prepared for OUR womenfolk:

Violent Oppression Of Women In Islam

We tolerate the intolerant at our great peril. Evil is here. So are we British Nationalists and we must prevail.

Note from the Green Arrow

All of the articles mentioned in this post can be found on the Green Arrow Forum in Reconquista's area. All are welcome to use and distribute in order to spread the truth.


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Great article and ending to the three essays.
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Jesus gave his "love others" commandment long before islam reared its hideous head.

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Well too busy enjoying the endless hedonism of the mardi gras lifesttyle, fredoms so hard won by the western peoples, which they refuse to preserve. but by so diong desertae their society and peoples and riskl loseing freedoms