Monday, 11 May 2009

And today it's Cameron's turn ...

Diddy David surveys the flotsam and jetsam marking the spot
where this once-proud country had a manufacturing industry

by johnofgwent

I have to say the BBC News front page gave me the biggest belly laugh I've had for quite some time in the wee small hours this morning. Over here the pint-sized wannabe-hero reflects on how best to prepare his damage control teams to deal with the torpedoes that are in the water and gunning for him.

For it seems the daily torygraph, seemingly sated after a feeding frenzy of the "pate de fois gras" made from the cirrhotic livers of bloated champagne socialists in Gordon Brown's Government of the TalentLESS have now turned their guns upon Diddy David's men, keen as the Telegraph is to shake off the seemingly well founded accusations that the Telegraph is only interested in scandal if it wears a red rosette.

And what a shower they are. It's a good thing we don't elect our politicians for their photogenic qualities.

One of these men has a tennis court; one has to pay someone to change a lightbulb; one has a "London Flat" as a parliamentary second home 17 miles from his family home. Can you tell which is which ? Or even who these men are and what they do ?

I wonder what the Inland Revenue would say if £2,000 of my company's profits before tax were dismissed on the balance sheet as "repairs to a leaking water pipe under my front lawn". I think Trusts and Settlements in North West 5 would have a field day drinking on the bonusses for slapping me with a penalty notice.

Yet these pieces of dog excrement get away with it time and time again.

Enjoy your day in the limelight, David. But reflect on this, You do, indeed, have much to be sorry for, but most of it is failing to be an effective loyal opposition. And that, given the "competence" of the shower you face across the despatch box, makes you the most professionally incompetent person it is our collective misfortune to have to tolerate.

If MP's had to have Professional Liability Insurance I wonder how much the premiums would be ?