Monday, 11 May 2009

Focus on Salford BNP

BNP Salford work around the clock for you. Support them.

Looking around Facebook, I came across the home page of Salford BNP and thought I would find out a little bit more about them and came across a couple of images I liked.

By all accounts the guys were so impressed with the response from local people on seeing the Truth Truck driving around Manchester that they decided to create one of their own! Not as large but still more than capable of getting the message across.

The Truth Trailer was was donated by Keith Fairhurst, John Howgate assisted in making it and Brenda and John Leather provided the art work. All they need now by all accounts is a public address system, so if you can help, contact BNP Salford at either their home page above or via the links at the bottom of article. If Salford can do this, so can other branches and groups.

They also have a by-election on the 21st of May in the Irewell Riverside ward in Mancher and their candidate is Gary Tumulty who is also their Branch Membership Secretary

In a recent day of action, they delivered 7500 of the BNP Euro leaflets and are now following up with local leaflets that are concerned with local issues. Lots of support from the people in the area and it was nice to read that the hard work done by the BNP in sorting out the problems at a local park were appreciated by the people of the area.

Another interesting and encouraging snippet I learned from their site, was that over 20 activists were out with Gary on Thursday just gone and carried out a canvassing exercise, probably one of the most important actions a campaign team can carry out during an election.

Gone now are the days when people were worried about being seen to support the British National Party as Support the BNP posters were already displayed in many of the homes they visited after a previous leafleting session. The Telegraph on hearing about the planned event had send along a couple of their people to record the event for the Sunday Telegraph. I look forward to reading their report and will link it if I find it online.

Their next big day of action is on the 16th of May, which is four days before their election, so if you are within striking distance, then you might like to contact Gary at and offer your assistance.

Good Luck Salford. We are proud of you.