Monday, 11 May 2009

History in the making

We few, we happy few
Thurs 5.30pm, my mind wandering and filled with excitement and anticipation of the coming EU elections, I’m suddenly jerked back to reality by the familiar tone of Nick Griffin singing “Brand new leather jacket” on my mobile and it signals a call from a fellow patriot and BNP member. “can you make it this weekend we have some work to do?

I reply yes, before even asking exactly what it is that needs to be done. “We need as many people as possible to pack the leaflets for the elections. All 29 million of them!”.

My mind was racing, I had arranged a bank holiday break with my daughter but the BNP and COUNTRY needed us so I started making the calls.

My daughter understood perfectly, as she realises how committed I am to the cause and a promise of a day at the fair soon compensated for the time I had promised I would be spending with her on the bank holiday weekend.

An early night and bed by 10pm ready for the 5am alarm call to join my fellow kinsmen for the journey.

Mind racing with the thoughts of meeting old friends again before the annual RWB festival. The lads would all be there I thought as I drifted to sleep Russell Green and the Black Country team. Simon Patton and the Wolverhampton boys. Richard Lumley, Bill Murray to name but a few of my kinsmen that I knew would answer the “call to arms”, I drifted off, filled with excitement and anticipation of the weekend ahead.

2am! Bang and I’m awake with one thought in my mind. “Exactly what does 29 million leaflets look like!

The scale of the task ahead suddenly hits home and ends my sleep for the night. Leave at 6am and meet up with our fund holder Mike Green and a few very active members from West Wales BNP Sandy Yapp and Nathan George we begin the long journey to the warehouse where the unknown awaits us.

On arriving at the location I’m greeted by an old friend Big Bill Murray from North Wales BNP. We all followed Bill to the location then “GULP!” Oh my God! That’s a lot of boxes! I scan the warehouse and sure enough the smiles and handshakes started. Russ, Ken, Gordon, Simon, Richard.

Anyone that has attended any activity with the BNP will understand the feeling better than I can put into words here. We are a family and we have formed friendships across the country that will last a lifetime with like minded kinsmen. Onto the job in hand open every box and split 3000 leaflets into bundles of 100. Around 50 of us for 29 million!

Err ok! I cant pretend its an enjoyable task but the banter and friendships make it a pleasant day and we all knocked off at 7pm back to a very comfortable b+b provided by the party. A much needed pint was called for and by 7.30pm we left the b+b and drove to the local pub laughing at Russell Green complaining we hadn’t given him time for a shower before heading of for a few pints.

Forever to be known as “Stinky”, Russ had previously challenged my good self to a drinking competition. This was it WALES V ENGLAND at the bar I couldn’t let my country down! We were soon joined by Brian Mahony and the rest of the crowd and after a nice meal the drinking match began. Ending with Russell slurring and accusing me of drinking “nats piss” while he drank snakebite. Russ this was YOUR weapon of choice mate and the results were witnessed by all for the record!

After leaving the pub and returning to b+b, I had to share twin room with non other than Councillor Russell Green. At 5am I woke to the sound of what I thought was a low flying jumbo jet but soon realised it was Russell snoring! He even had the cheek to wear ear plugs in case I snored!!

9am after great breakfast were back on site and worked another full hard shift in great spirits having beaten Russ at the bar room challenge.

An army marches on its stomach and thanks to Dave Bell our resident Gordon Ramsey, we were all kept fed and watered with cuppas being delivered like clockwork. The guy is amazing and we had everything from panninis to cottage pie to keep us going. He even managed a full roast chicken dinner!

Monday and its time to head home leaving a lot of the team behind to carry on the good work. Plans already in place to return the following Friday.

Friday arrives and before heading off the undercover team of WalesBNPtv are on a mission. We have information that a Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price is to attend a “question time” event at Swansea held by the Chamber of Commerce.

The press reported this as being a chance for people to “grill” the MP but as all questions were to be submitted in advance this could hardly be described as a “grilling” or could it? Enter team BNPtv Wales.

We stake out the car park waiting for target to arrive armed with our new camera from the Green Arrow appeal. As he arrived he spotted us from 300yrds and attempted to avoid us by using a different entrance. We rushed over to find the silly boy had walked into the ticket office, one way in and one way out with us right outside, oooops! Watch this space for the results soon!

The enemy are no longer safe in public, thanks to the supporters of the Green Arrow we are there to upset their day and bring you all the truth on film. Job done a very satisfied team head off to the warehouse for the final drive on the leaflets, this is it the job has to be done this weekend no matter what.

We start working. This time I’m on dispatch section breaking down the pallets into different postal regions and labelling the boxes individually. A very hard and physically draining task as anyone there can vouch for but I had pleasant surprise to turn around and see a familiar face alongside the troops, busy working away was the chairman himself, Nick Griffin.

How hard does this guy work? I am proud we have him to represent us and anyone who has met Nick will know what I mean. You couldn’t ask for a better person to be the leader of todays BNP.

As the work drew to a close we took the opportunity to bring everyone some more footage of history in the making that we will post here soon.

6pm Sunday, the final pallet goes onto the lorry with “Brussles here we come” sign attached and a very tired but satisfied team BNP UK parted company for the long journey home.

The dedication and commitment shown by our members is something I’m so proud of. We had people there in wheelchairs and others with serious health issues, there was even one girl there 8 months pregnant!

All working away for free to save this country. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the results of 29 million homes receiving the leaflets and a deep sense of pride in having taken part in history in the making. The BNP are not the tax money grabbing pigs we now have in power. The BNP are people just like you and I who have this countries interests at heart.

Roger Phillips

We few, we happy few, we band ofbrothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition. And gentlemen in England now abed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here.

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