Friday, 8 May 2009

Anti-BNP Protesters Fail To Take Barnsley

Great video. Please watch it all the way through.

Whilst here though I might as well point you to a couple of links.

Everyday now, in the run up to Euro Elections, National and Regional newspapers are printing smear attacks and scare stories about the British National Party. Some even twice a day!!

To a few of us, it might seem that that the entire country was against the BNP but the truth is somewhat different. The BNP now probably has more support for its policies than the failed Labour Party has for theirs.

But if you follow this link here and this one also, then you will see that all these newspapers are controlled by just two companies.

So next time you read a story lying about the BNP just check the links above and discover for yourself just where they are coming from.

By the way, when Simon goes to Brussels, who will be taking over his job in City Hall?