Friday, 8 May 2009

Joanna Lumley showing how it is done

Sorry about not having the full clip. The BBC have been very careful not to show full humilation of Phil Woolas.

The story this time, is not the story itself but rather about the two people central to it.

First the background. Joanna Lumley OBE, was born in India and is the daughter of ex army Major, James Rutherford Lumley who served in the 6th Gurkha Rifles.

Now if I was going up against someone, then I would do my homework on them and if the rat Phil Woolas MP had done his homework, he would have known that he was up against an "Army Brat".

Now the term "Army Brat" is not derogatory, it refers to a person who grew up in a military environment and amongst soldiers and usually matures much faster and become very independent much earlier in life. In short they grow up into tough cookies. I love them.

Now Phil Woolas, the rat, shows no sign of being an "independent" man, either in actions or thoughts. He is a red rat that swallowed marxism hook line and sinker when he joined the Labour Party at the age of 16. His politics then as now are those of the violent Anti-Nazi League that he supported back then.

His voting record shows the following:
  • Voted against a transparent Parliament
  • Voted for introducing ID Cards
  • Voted for the Iraq War
  • Voted against an investigation into the Iraq War
  • Voted for the hunting ban
  • Voted for gay rights
Now believe it or not, but there is a business that is almost as dirty and violent as politics and that is in the position politics within large companies. It was a game I played in that world for many years and became an expert at it, made a lot of money(since spent) and almost killed myself through 24/7 stress. I loved it.

It is brutal and ruthless, with high rewards for the winners and big losses for the losers and I am sometimes, glad to be out of it. But when I played it, I played it well. John of Gwent is a witness to what I say. Politics for me now, is a walk in the park.

So watching Joanna Lumley destroy Phil Woolas in the clip above reminded me of those days. She had set her trap, watched him fall into it and played her hand almost perfectly.

I say almost perfectly because like all actors, she hammed it a little too much but other than that it was a great performance.

Phil Woolas on the other hand revealed himself to be hopelessy out classed. He allowed her to attack him on his own ground and take control of the situation. Even a medicore business manager would have put up a better fight.

So given his performance, I would not trust him to run a mail room let alone Immigration. Then again perhaps that is why he was given the job. To fail. I have used that tactic myself also.


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Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Formidable female, like the lady of the Manor telling her gardener what his duties should be, talking down to him as if he was a half wit(which he is). Should give "ordinary people" the confidence to realise that politicians are nothing special and if you feel like, you can take them on, cut away their bull shit and beat them. Can someone now contact Joanna and ask her to put her considerable talents to the cause of British soldiers suffering the after effects of Iraq and Afghanistan and other conflicts. Will she be told that when they come home after having had to buy their own kit and fight with inadequate equipment, they are then worthless and often end up homeless, destitute and forgotten while our enrichers get everything handed to them on a plate. Come on Miss Lumley, you have done a great job for the Ghurkas, now do the same for others whose needs are just as urgent.