Sunday, 10 May 2009

The BNP and "The Gurkha Question".

Would you tell this man's widow to sling her hook ?
by johnofgwent

I said it was time for a little reflection on matters of weight this Sunday Morning. And whle you read this bear in mind I've got a party card in my wallet.

Where do the BNP stand officially on the position of the Gurkhas and their entitlement or not to come to this country.

It's been a good week in the Londinium Circus Maximus this week.

Heading the bill was the delightful spectacle of a Govenment Minister reduced to his true colours as an unthinking, unorganised idiot by a woman I - and every bloke in the country above a certain age - know as a worthy succesor to Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg as John Steed's kigh-kicking sidekick. And today I see on the BBC News Website that Gordon Brown's Government has been forced to back down from earlier attempts to deport the family of the man killed fighting under our colours in Afghanistan earlier this week. It appears that no sooner had the people come to break the news of the death of her husband, than the immigration people came to tell the guys new widow to pack her bags. Presumably trucking the corpse to Nepal from Afghanistan was cheaper than flying it to Brize Norton.

But would we be telling her to pack her bags or stay put ?

It would be terribly easy for this to become our "West Lothian Question" wouldn't it. Already I hear rumblings and undercurrents from the foot soldiers of Gordon Brown's ragged band of tossers. using this as a way to deflect flak from their own party's ineptitude But some of those people are just as dedicated to grass roots ground level service to the community as we are. And that means we need the answer. And the last thing I want to see is twenty people saying different things and all of the responses collated and presented by the leftie scum as evidence of our inability to sing from the same songsheet.

I want the answer before I get asked the question by some trendy illiberal undemocrat or unwashed leftie. I want the answer so I can deliver it in the polished modulated tones of the professional politician if I get asked it in the street, delivering leaflets or canvassing in the days between now and the next two humiliations the country is going to impose on Gordon Brown. And preferably I want an answer that will drive the questioner to rant as the man in Abergavenny last month.

How useful therefore to have the answer to hand on the BNP Website