Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Church Jumps On The Bash An MP Bandwagon

by johnofgwent

Sunday Morning again, and time for a little reflection I think. Let's start with the front page of the BBC Website this morning, shall we. For it seems the previous occupant of the top job in the organisation best decribed as The Conservative Party at Prayer has decided to jump on the 'bash an MP' wagon.

"Lord" Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury until 2002 is quoted here as saying MP's "prestige" is at an all time ebb and complains at the greed of these people.

Well NO SHIT, SHERLOCK was my initial feeling.

But the sentiment is highly laudable of course. Except that one must question the height of the "moral high ground" from which the srmon is being preached when the guy is collecting a pretty penny himself as Lord Carey Of Clifton.

And if I get a chance to ask him, I wonder if the Noble Lord Bishop might say why, as one cannot worship God AND Mammon , he has an officlal website with a "" domain signifying its declaration as a COMMERCIAL VENTURE. espcially since the organisation he led has a LONG STANDING case law agreement with the revenue that men of the Anglican Cloth are self employed by virtue of having no "temporal master". Yes boys and girls this man's office, as it is now in the hands of Rowan Williams and as it was under all his predecessors back to the Napoleonic Wars, is a serial tax avoider.

Still I suppose it's a little better than his official opposition who declared a "no sex (inside of marriage, anyway) please, we're priests" policy to avoid paying out those EXPENSIVE widow's pensions.

But how much did the News of The World pay you for the story, my "Noble" Lord Bishop, and will it be going to replace the lead flashing on Canterbury Cathedral, or greasing your retirement fund ?