Sunday, 10 May 2009

So at the end of the day, what colour are you?

Another difficult article to follow there Sarah but but it was one that needed to be written and I take my hat of to you. You did it.

And your article got me thinking about the future for the True British People in our Country, who will, within less than 50 years be in a minority. In many areas of England they already are. Frightening stuff. World wide, the percentage of whites as dropped below 15%. Just who is the minority race?

Already the impact of this unwanted colonisation is being felt. Shops selling halal products, fast food outlets and schools only providing halal meat with the removal of pork based products from their menus.

Parallel infrastructure being set-up to take over the roles of our judiciary and medical associations. On and on and on. And there will be no end unless we stop it or die trying.

And if you still think that all cultures have equal values, then you are either blind or have mud in your eyes. They are not all the same. They are different and have different values.

In America, the coloured vote was 95% to the mixed race moslem, Obama. A white might vote for what he thinks right regardless of colour but most coloured people will vote for whom he sees as "his kind". They are tribal voters, not thinking voters and the only way now for the whites of this country to survive, is to start thinking "tribal" also.

And the Jews living in this country had better start thinking straight and realise who their friends are, because they are in deeper water than the True Brits.

Because, gone are the days when they had "Friends of Israel" in every political party. They have been cast aside for the new green flavour that would really wipe them and Israel of the face of the world.

The British National Party would not pump billions of pounds into Israel in the way that Germany and America have done for decades but they would at least recognise the right for Israel to exist and recognise the rights of those Jews living in the UK to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours.

Think about this quoted text that was posted by David H(thank you) on the Democracy Forum

Kofi Annan, UN secretary general, said on August 31 showing his hatred of whites: “The pain and anger are still felt. The dead, through their descendants, cry out for justice”. United nations? United against whites and Jews.

The delegates at the conference, particularly those from the Arab-Muslim states hypocritically ignored their own involvement and united with the African group and demanded anti-colonialist revenge: “The West, which is genocidal by nature, should recognise its crimes, beg for forgiveness and pay symbolic and financial reparations to the victims of its oppression.”

Zionism was portrayed as the new Nazism and apartheid was “white viciousness”, which they claimed had caused “one Holocaust after the other in Africa” through human trafficking, slavery and colonialism.

Israel should disappear and its politicians tried at an international tribunal like Nuremberg. There were Anti-Semitic cartoons circulated, copies of “Mein Kampf” and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” as evidence.

Beneath a photo of Hitler was a lament that had he lived Israel wouldn’t have existed and the Palestinians would not have been harmed. Several delegates were threatened, there were shouts of “Death to Jews”. Sudanese Minister of Justice, Ali Mohamed Osman Yasin, demanded reparations for historical slavery, although in his own country, people are being brought under slavery now.
I would suggest to all those Jews who keep throwing up statements made over 20 years ago by some nationalists and parties, realise that times and people change. Stop living in the past or there will be none of you or us Brits left to argue over how many millions were murdered in the concentration camps.