Thursday, 14 May 2009

BNP County Council Broadcast 2009

OK, hands up all of you watched last nights British National Party broadcast and found it to be disappointing? I thought so. Quite a few of you.

Yes, I know that the original broadcast had been rejected at the last minute and that the one shown was cobbled together and doesn't it show.

But quite frankly, in my honest opinion, neither of them were up to standard in what we have come to expect from the British National Party.

Our Party usually has style, a bit of panache but neither of these ads had either. The Chairman was good but not great and although I am sure that the two councillors shown do a great job, their input almost sent me to sleep.

It was a pity that Cllr Cathy Duffy had not been kept in as she has a pleasant looking face and manner that came across well but Cathy was also allowed to go on too long. Same for Ellie Walker who also came across well but again went on too long. It was a shame that these two individuals were cut from the released version.

Both Councillor Mike Coleman and Debra Kent who were shown, are very presentable people and articulate but again they went on too long.

The endings on both ads were abysmal. Too much talk, blah, blah, blah. Too much clutter. Was there even a BNP logo?

I just hope that who ever is selected to review the broadcast for the European Elections are not the same people who reviewed these ads.

Now I realise that this post might upset a few of my kinsmen, especially those who worked so hard to produce the ads but if something does not rock the socks off one of the biggest BNP groupies in the world(me) then it is not going to touch your average voter.

Now where did I put my helmet and flak jacket?

You can view both ads and some excellent footage of the troops preparing the 29 million leaflets for desptach by clicking here. Great stuff.

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