Thursday, 14 May 2009

Now where could the police have been

What a waste of space - sack the lot of them

A 24 year old woman had her clothes torn from her, was sexually assaulted and almost raped in the stairwell of her residential block.

Only the quick thinking actions of a neighbour prevented the rape and drove the attacker off but not very far, as the Asian rapist continued to lurk in the area for some time after.

The neighbour said: “An hour after the first call I called 999 again because no police had arrived.

“I told the operator somebody had been attacked and I could see who attacked her. I was irate nobody had come, It was very frustrating.

And how long before the police arrived after the 999 calls? Thirty six bloody hours. Now the rapist is free to attack again and maybe even kill.

A police spokesman said they were too busy to attend and several other calls for help also went unanswered.

Now where could all our policemen be at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Perhaps they were away at Moslem Awareness days like those shown in the top image.
The course, organised by Deeplish and Milkstone support officer Madasar Nasir, was designed to provide the officers with a better understanding of the service providers, policy makers and professionals working within the Muslim community, who are responsible for developing community cohesion, in the hope that this would enable them to meet the needs of the local community more efficiently.

The group was later given a tour around Central Mosque, which is attached to the Tweedale Street centre, before the day ended with officers enjoying a taste of Asian cuisine.

What a jolly day they must have had. And just what do they mean by "policy makers"?

The British National Party believes that Senior Police Officers should stand for election and that way, be answerable to the public they are supposed to serve. If their record on crime fighting is poor, then let the people throw them out of office.

Another interesting thing. Why are there so many "Asian" rapists? The numbers of attacks they carry out appears to be out of all proportion to their percentage number of population.

Any links to statistics anyone?