Thursday, 14 May 2009

Salford Day of Action 16th May

A couple of days ago I was telling you about how Salford BNP had built their own little Truth Truck and you can remind yourself what it looked like by clicking here.

Well, I have just been reminded that they are fighting a by-election on the 21st of May in the Irewell Riverside ward and are having a day of action this Saturday.

Taking into account, all that is happening with the Pigs of Parliament and the Lords, this election might be a good indicator of the kind of votes we are going to pick up, come the Euro Elections.

So if you live within striking distance of Salford and would like to help your kinsmen out, then please contact our candidate, Gary Tumulty at


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Anonymous said...

There was a good article in the Times on line that shows UKIP have chosen not to campaign on the expenses debacle because, as the Times put it,

"UKIP are vulnerable on expense abuse themselves"

Maybe Green Arrow could link to it or do a short article.

Until I read it I did think abot voting UKIP as a protest, not anymore, whats the point in switching my vote from one bunch of cheats to another.

its BNP for me on June 4th, the bit about UKIPs disgraced MEPS has made my mind up