Friday, 1 May 2009

The Green Arrow needs your help

Help this site to grow

Relax guys. The mean machine is funded for the next three months and the GA Forum will return to being ad free later today, all thanks to your excellent support.

Now, as you can see from the above chart, the growth of the Green Arrow site continues at an healthy pace. And it grows for a number of reasons.

But first, I have no illusions about the look of the site, it could be much better. There are far more attractive sites and certainly there are other British National Party supporting sites that post excellent articles that sadly do not get read by as many people as those articles deserve.

But why the Green Arrow sites continues to grow, is because of the excellent articles posted by the likes of Reconquista, Mister Fox, Nemesis, Albion , Sarah: Maid of Albion and John of Gwent. All padded out in between with my own wildly thrown darts which occasionally hit the bulls eye.

But the site can only continue to hit the bulls eye if passed the darts to throw. The more people there are who read the site, the more people there are out there, to feed me information on what is happening around our country and in the world.

So please send me links to stories you think I should read and also subjects you think I should write about, or ask one of our kinsmen to write about. I give you my word to try and respond to all emails but if not, I apologise now in advance. It would not be a deliberate omission on my part. I do not mind receiving the same information from a dozen sources. Better that, than I should miss something.

Now, the red rubbish that seek through violence and lies to silence the patriotic True British people of this country, recently instructed their lick spittle press to publish stories that the British National Party were becoming burned out. Wishful thinking on their part.

The British National Party thrives on pressure. They are at their best when pressed the hardest. The activists on the street are fully committed to our cause of saving Our Country for their children and their children's future. We have no selfish motives. Our candidates in elections do not seek office for personal reasons. They seek office only to serve.

We are relentless. We will not stop. Nothing but death can stop a true activist of the BNP and so we push forward and our enemies wilt before us. They might have huge sums of money but like all mercenaries, their personal survival will always come first and in the end they betray each other and run.

But the efforts of British National Party sites are wasted if the information they post is only read by those who already know the truth. We need those who are still unaware of their danger and ignorant of the plans of The Establishment to destroy them and Our Country in the furtherance of their evil plans. When these new readers discover the truth, they then join us in our struggle against the evil of the New World Order.

So wherever you can, leave links to the BNP site and other nationlist sites, such as the Green Arrow, in the comments sections in our enemies newspapers. Leave links in all forums. Use to shorten the size of the link and if necessary to discuise the destination of the link.

Now for the help I mentioned at the begining of this article. I, along with the boys from BNPTV Wales are making a documentary that will expose Searchlight and the UAF for the corrupt and evil thugs they truly are.

Already we have much information on both organisations, with regards to who their unelected leaders are, where they get their funding, etc. When the documentary is completed, every man and his dog will receive copies. Should any viewer of this programme, continue to support these criminal run organisations then at least we know them for what they are. Equally evil.

So I need images of Searchlight events where the communists flags are on display. I need images of property vandalised by the drugged up and drunken storm troopers of the UAF. I need links to news stories of attacks on British National Party supporters. In fact I need any information at all that you think might assist in driving wooden stakes through the hearts of these creatures of The Establishment.

Also wanted. Information on the following Welsh Traitors
  • Lord Elis Thomas AM
  • Mark Isherwood AM (Con)
  • Huw Lewis AM (Lab)
  • Mike German AM (Lib Dem)
  • Leanne Wood AM (PC)
  • Gwenllian Lansdowne (PC)
  • Chris Roberts (Lab),
  • Matt Lane (Con) and
  • Jo Foster (Lib Dems).
All information received will be treated as confidential.

Finally. BNPTV Wales wishes to know the movements of "high profile" targets in South Wales. Venues, times. That kind of thing. We would like to ask them some questions.

Look forward to receiving your emails which should be sent to

Once I have read these emails, the senders details will be deleted from my machine. You have my word on that.

Right. Let us start to sharpen those stakes.

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