Friday, 1 May 2009

LGBT - Proud to be behind you.

You are paying for their sex

Sorry about that. But I was just going through the accounts for the Lesbian and Gay Foundation when I noticed that Proud to be behind You is one of their site slogans. Could not resist it.

What was I doing on a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transexual(LGBT) site you ask?

Well my response is. What I do in my spare time and in the privacy of my own toilet cubicle home is my business.

Oh go on then I will tell you. The LGF site and magazine are in financial trouble and when one looks at their accounts, you can understand why.

They have a staff of 23 people running an organisation that for that size, would usually require a staff of just four.

But what does it matter when over 50% of the money coming in, comes from hard pressed taxpayers via the NHS who donated the following last year.
  • North Manchester Primary Care Trust £284,587
  • Ashton, Leigh & Wigan Primary Care Trust £25,271
  • Bolton Primary Care Trust £9,878
  • Stockport Primary Care Trust £30,169
  • Trafford South Primary Care Trust £22,770
  • Trafford North Primary Care Trust £22,770
  • Salford Primary Care Trust £130,017
  • Oldham Primary Care Trust £24,931
  • Tameside & Glossop Primary Care Trust £18,773
  • Bury Primary Care Trust £33,870
  • Rochdale Primary Care Trust £20,067
And how did they spend this money - apart from inflated wages and pension funds.

Well one of the things they spend our money on was:
Through providing safer sex packs, we enabled people to have safer sex over 500,000 times last year within Greater Manchester
There, doesn't that make you feel better now. Now you know why your Uncle Billy had to go blind in one eye before he could obtain treatment for the other eye. Now you know why Aunty Betty went barking mad earlier than she should have, because she was denied medical treatment to stave of dementia.

Now, I know quite a few homosexuals and Lesbians and most of them have extremely high paid jobs. They are intelligent people and more than capable of paying for their own sexual protection.

Worth a visit on the LGF site though, is their Hope no hate urge LGBT voters to stop the BNP page.

By all accounts, if you help give out anti-BNP leaflets on May 16th you can get to see Eddie Lizard for free. YUK.

OK, joking aside. You know what the British National Party policy on homosexualtiy is. Do'nt ask, do'nt tell. Within the party there are homosexual and lesbian members, some of whom are candidates in the coming elections and I for one have no problem with that. Promotion of homosexuality is a different subject but the homosexuals within the party also feel that mad idea to be wrong also.

We are not homophobic and if you look at the comments on the linked paged above you will see that many of the comments left on the LGF site are in support of the BNP.

It seems that the LGF have lost touch with their supporters. Oh dear. Never mind.

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