Monday, 4 May 2009

Here is one for the Moslems

Doesn't work for me

We have all been there, your driving down the road when suddenly from out of a window of the car in front a shower of litter erupts or your walking down the road and the young man in front just drops his half eaten bag of fast food onto the floor.

Not good enough I agree and those kind of people need to be made aware that their actions are just not on.

However there are ways of getting the message across without using images like the one above which is sponsored by the British Government.

Only whites drop litter

Why not have an image of an Asian pig spitting onto the pavement? I have seen that a lot. Why not an image of black youth looking like an ape has he drops a banana skin to the floor. I have seen that also.

Because if they did use images like I have suggested there would be riots on the street and the press would be screaming like someone stuck in a lift with Neil Kinnock.

No, it is only White People who can be used to display images of anti-social behaviour or in anti-mugging campaigns.

This image is totally offensive to White People. If you feel strongly enough about this, then you can complain to the Keep Britain Tidy Organisers who have paid for the campaign with government money.