Sunday, 3 May 2009

For a Once Great Britain

A poem by Mike Wilson:


The tide has slowly turned and left its mark
Upon the barefaced beach of hopefulness.
And we who sit and watch with future longing
Are aware that our own fate is still too dark.

For many go about their lives in ignorance
And what is forming round them, they can’t see.
The knowing ones despair of intervention
They are powerless beneath the apathy.

We live our lives in strict conforms and customs
We leave the civil libs. to set the scene.
We let the politicians run the country
We let our land get taken by default.

This once great proud and vital major nation
Is now usurped and tangled from within.
This land that always stood for truth and freedom
Has lost its way and now its light grows dim.

The world we used to know and love is gone
And in its place a maze of mirrors stands
Reflecting all the falsities of Europe
And highlighting false glory through the land.

Reflection on reflection serves no purpose
But gives false hope to those who cannot see.
Why is it only us with age upon us
Can see the truth but yet just can’t break free?

A mind enslaved can glitter with ambition
But is enmeshed with all constraints applied,
And these constraints are nothing but ambition
That chases once again their foolish pride.

Stand back and watch the world like we do.
Stand back and see how lives are twirled and spun.
Stand back and see the mirrors true reflection
Stand back and watch the world as it is run.

Nation states must stand against subversion
And break the hold of apathy and stealth.
Break free from all the paper chains that bind them
Refuse to be the slaves of others wealth.