Sunday, 3 May 2009

MOD in sh*t for failing to advertise "Black Action Woman"

"Action Man" makes it through the time tunnel into the 21st Century ...
... where he is promptly shot for political incorrectness.

by johnofgwent

In the week that our boys and girls - well most of them anyway - finally get to pack up their bags and come home from the theatre of one of Blair's illegal wars which the current joke of a Prime Minister colluded over entering, the jokers enlisted in the rank and file of the PC brigade just can't help sticking the knife in.

Now then lads and lasses, hands up, who remembers Action Man Dolls ? Love 'em or loathe em, they were "de rigeur" for little boys in an era when girls got Sindy dolls and anyone who objected to a boy of eight being given a "Johnny Seven One Man Army" toy was promptly taken off to the asylum. Oh, how things have changed.

Over on the Guardian Online you can read how the Ministry Of Defence is coming under fire for promoting the HMArmedForces range of "action figures" because none of the range of twenty five is female, and in the advertisements, the image above is used and it doesn't take you too long to work out they're all white men. But given that moslems in our army are refusing to go out to Iraq and Afghanistan lest they be called upon to shoot their brother worshippers in the Cult Of The Dead Paedophile, I see no reason for any of these action figures to be portrayed as bald with long beards.

However, I can offer a possible solution to the PC Brigade. Pallitoy's "Action Man" was of course modelled on Hasbro's "G.I Joe". And one particular solution offers itself right now on the web. And just like her male counterparts, "G I Jane" offers you several ways to blow her up too.
Oh for heaven' s sake what's the matter NOW ? Ah. You mean this was not what the Political Correctness Brigade had in mind when they asked for a G I Jane doll they could blow up?

PS. You want the link for the above ? Go search google for it yourself. You'll be needing the Safesearch Filter set to OFF though.

FOOTNOTE: On a more serious note, as I said at the start of this post, our troops are coming home from one of the theatres of Blair's illegal wars. Are they going to be treated with the respect they deserve for carrying out the orders their political masters demanded, or are they going to have the same problems Sly Stallone's character John Rambo faced in the first of the films ? Well, given that hotels refuse them accomodation and they face bile and vitriol from moslem cultists I know what I suspect the answer to that one will be.