Friday, 1 May 2009

The Prescott Express

Well I was in stitches when I saw the above video. No wonder former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke said he was "ashamed" to be a Labour MP. Resign then dipstick. No, did not think you would.

And those Labour MPs on suicide watch because they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Pathetic creatures. So what is it girls, if we slap your wrists you'll top yourself? Well go ahead but let me know when, as I would like to watch.

"I'm off to see the Lizard, the wonderful Eddie the Lizard"

Anyhow, with another first I managed to get a photo of the Prescott Express that has been especially designed for Croquet Prescott, who is famous for being the only bulimiac who has not lost weight.
He said that until a year ago he would "stuff his face" with packets of digestive biscuits, trifles and fish and chips, and would wash it down with condensed milk.

When the pressure really got to him, he would drink bottles of vodka.

On trips to his local Chinese restaurant in his Hull constituency, he said he could eat his way through the entire menu.
And this man was Deputy Prime Minister with his hand on the nuclear button when his boss Blair was away. The mind boggles.

He is also famous for having to be dragged out of his grace and favour home after he had his department removed from him for attempting to lose weight by doing press-ups ..... on top of his secretary.

As a sop to his fat friend, Blair let him keep the extra salary of £133,000 and a flat at Admiralty House for doing nothing. Whilst paying his replacement also of course.

Next thing you know, twice resigned "OK thats not my baby but that one is" Blunkett will be crawling out of the woodwork. Have they no real men in the Labour Party?

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