Saturday, 2 May 2009

United Arab Emirates - Torture

Smile for the camera

Hmm. Given that the United Arab Emirates is the UK's largest export market for non-military goods, I wonder what our governments response will be to news that a video tape smuggled out of the UAE shows a member of the country's royal family torturing a man with whips, electric cattle prod and a wooden planks with nails in it.

Then to rub salt into his victims wounds, the Prince then really does tip salt into them before running him over multiple times in his Mercedes SUV.

And all this with the assistance of the local police and the cameraman who was filming the torture on the orders of the Sheikh, who likes to watch torture sessions later in the comfort of his royal palace. It can get cold out in the desert.

There is no democracy in the Middle East. Only Dynasty's of Terror that we in the West pay trillions to prop up.

So what do you think our governments response to this will be? Invade them on human rights grounds or business as usual?

And the Americans, what will they do? I suppose they will continue to supply another mad moslem state with nuclear technology and hope they never use it against America.

Find a replacement for oil and let them eat their sand or John Prescott I say.


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