Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rest in Peace: BNP Black Country’s Anne Willets

Anne Willets - we will not forget you

I was waiting for the
longest time, she said.
I thought you forgot.

It is hard to forget, I
said, when there is
such an empty space
when you are gone.

Team Black Country BNP
is saddened to announce the passing of Anne Willets (63), a very active and vocal Nationalist. Anne passed away at home after a long illness.

Anne joined the Black Country branch after a leaflet and newspaper was posted through her door in 2001,” said John Salvage, Black Country BNP correspondent. “Within a month, Anne and others went to their very first Red, White and Blue festival. From the moment she joined, Anne took to political activity in a way which put many lazy armchair Nationalists to shame.

“Week after week, month in and month out, Anne and I were often the only activists to undertake the massive task of putting the Black Country on the map,” Mr Salvage said.

Anne attended every meeting and made sure she donated something each time, however much this may have hurt financially. I have many fond memories of meetings, activities, and fundraising initiatives where Anne made them light, breezy, and very humorous.

“In part of one particular long, hard campaign, Anne leafleted in terrible weather and her feet literally bled. On another occasion, she got rather angry with an argumentative heckler, putting him in his place. They got together at the end of the night though, apologised to each other, and ended up having a right old laugh with him buying her second favourite drink of orange juice, (tea was not available),” Mr Salvage said.

Whilst accompanying myself on speaking engagements nationwide, Anne made many Nationalist friends and encouraged other women to get involved in leafleting. She was happy to be seen at the meetings as one of the ‘proud British ladies’.”

“Anne will be missed by everyone who knew her, and we send our condolences to her family. Without Anne, the job of putting the Black Country in a serious, and professional political position, would simply have been a terribly hard, long and lonely process. Anne always made sure she was there when it really mattered. I want to say thanks Anne, God bless you; we’ll make sure all your hard work is never going to be in vain. See you on the other side.”

We grieve the loss of a sister and fellow activist. We will not forget you Anne. We never forget.

Other brothers and sisters who we will never forget.