Thursday, 7 May 2009


The way things are going in our ripped apart country these days, the only food you will be able to eat soon, if you object to the barbaric halal method of hacking animals to death, will be vegetables.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, following Dominos Pizza and the "poison the public" chain Subway, have announced that they will only be selling halal meat in eight of their London stores. Once they are happy that there will be no public outcry or loss of business they will then extend the idea to all their 720 stores across what used to be the United Kingdom.

The vomit serving, Domino Pizza ignored the backlash from people who objected to eating halal produced meat and the company removed pork based pepperoni, sausage, bacon and meatballs from their menu.

KFC, money whore vice-president of marketing, Jenelle Tilling said;
'We want to see how customers respond to the trial, to see if this is something that allows us to make our great tasting food available to a broader range of customers.'
Well I confess to once living on a KFC diet during my time in the Smoke. I like the taste of KFC chicken and it saved me cooking but I am damned if I will enter one of their outlets ever again.
'It is just a chance for us to see if it is something our customers really want or not.'
Halal means any item on the menu which may contain bacon, ham or pork must be removed and all the chicken must by halal-approved. So FU Brits. Eat cake.

It really is just a simple question now. Whose bloody country is this? If you prefer to pile on the calories now by continuing to shop in places like KFC then you will only have yourself to blame when it is your head or that of your child that is hacked off.

And where are the animal rights activists and charities when you really need them? Off killing hunt followers, digging up the bodies of lab workers and playing politics. Bloody cowards. Give NOTHING to animal charities. Donate instead to the only party that has animal welfare as one of its core policies. The BNP.

There is only one party that will halt and outlaw halal slaughter in this country and that is the British National Party.

If you are a man, then grow some balls and join them and help take back Our Country or sit in the corner and eat your vegetables, theres a good boy.

Actually after watching this video about how KFC treats their chickens, I think I will walk on by from now on. Very disturbing.

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