Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Western Mail and Searchlight

Martin Shipton

It seems that the Welsh rag, Western Mail is planning to publish the full address details of the warehouse where the British National Party Euro election leaflets are being stored.

Martin Shipton
, the so called journalist planning the story, has strong links to the communist led Searchlight Wales organisation, that now appears to be the official spokes party for all the failed political alliances that are currently betraying the Welsh people.

Remember, it was Searchlight that tracked down a British National Party venue in England and then published details on their site and called for a "peaceful" protest that resulted in four British National Party activists being ambushed by a gang of 40 thugs from the criminal UAF.

Should the Western Mail go ahead and publish information that leads to an attack by political terrorists, then it would seem to me that Martin Shipton will be guilty of incitement to violence and leave himself wide open to criminal legal action, as will the Western Mail for publishing the details.

email addresses for the Western Mail are as follows:
  • News desk:
  • Alan Edmunds:
  • Tomos Livingstone:
  • Martin Shipton:
NOTE: DO NOT include your full postal address. Insist that they correspond with you by email only. Searchlight passes on information to the government and UAF.

Welsh voters from all parties, should do a little research into just who it is their respective parties of choice have jumped into bed with. They can start by checking out these links below.
Do not forget to register to vote and vote for freedom on June 4 by placing your X next to the BNP candidate. This may be the last vote you ever have. Use it wisely.


The Western Mail is owned by Trinity Mirror plc who also owns the Daily Mirror and who have recently made 1,200 of their workers redundant whilst closing down 27 of their newspapers in the last year.

Perhaps they should ask themselves why their readers are deserting their rags in droves? Could it have anything to do with their constant support for violent organisations and marxist ideals?

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