Sunday, 10 May 2009

Searchlight dictating now to the BBC

Gerry and Sonia Gable already dictate government policy
Now they want to dictate BBC policy

It seems that Searchlight, the private company of Gerry "Unstable" Gable is really throwing a strop, that having stamped their feet, no one is listening to them.

They are now attacking the BBC for failing to attack the "extremist views of the BNP" until after the European Election.

So what are these extremist views that the convicted communist criminal Gable objects to.
  • British Jobs for British Workers
  • Ending the illegal wars
  • Ending illegal immigration
  • Equal rights for whites
I could go on but you get the point. Best thing is you read the article yourselves. If it is possible to smell fear over the internet, you will smell it in the ramblings of Searchlight and the toad Jon Crudass, MP.

But for any passing journalists with just an ounce of honour and professionalism, then why not investigate Searchlight?
  • Why not ask them where they get their funding from?
  • Ask them about their part in the attacks on on members of the British National Party.
  • Why did a children's charity give them over £70,000?
  • What did they spend that money on?
  • Why do all the Establishment parties have Searchlight as their spokes company.
  • Who is paying for Blue State Digital and what is the relationship between them.
  • Is there any truth about Sonia Gables involvement with the National Front.
  • What is Mark Croucher of UKIPs relationship with them
  • Why are all the regional leaders of Searchlight communists.
  • Ask them about their relationship with the moslem Respect Party
  • Ask them their involvement with the political terrorists of the UAF and ANTIFA
And there is more they could ask if they were real journalists. The truth is out there. They can find most of the answers on this site or are they waiting for the documentary that I am working on to come out first.

Searchlight is a busted Flush and now the people know about them. Why not bugger off back to America with your pathetic hired gunslingers of BSD who made a pigs year of Ken Livingstones campaign and wasted oodles of CWU workers subscriptions doing nothing.

We know everything Gable. Everything.

By the way I look forward to posting more details about some of your newer supporters soon. Just editing the file now.

UPDATE - Jon Cruddas

My memory. What can I do with it. I just remembered this article from May 2007 when I asked why Crudass needed to claim £21,000 in second home allowance in 2006 when he only lived 15 miles from Westminster. Green Arrow, as usual ahead of the pack.

More here, here and here on the creature Cruddas. Or just do a search on his name in the top left search box for more revelations about this communist turd who employed by the Daily Mirror.

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