Thursday, 26 March 2009

No wonder Jon Cruddas is worried about the BNP

Jon Cruddas and Miranda Grell
What does Miranda think about corruption Jon?

I think that when Jon Cruddas the marxist MP for Dagenham said he turned down a ministerial postion because he wanted to concentrate on attacking the BNP, his statement had more than a grain of truth in it. For a couple of reasons.

First, the rise of the British National Party in Dagenham means that it is likely he will be flipping burgers for a living come the next General Election, unless of course, he can somehow wave a magic wand and make the BNP vanish and that just ain't gonna happen is it pig boy.

And of course there is another reason why he wants the BNP to never become the government of the day. Because they will not tolerate or turn a blind eye to MPs theft of public money via their dodgy expense claims for running second homes.

And whilst everyone else were looking at the pig MPs McNulty and Butler, some bloggers were looking out for other pigs with their snouts that little bit further in the trough than their all so dishonourable fellow Members of Parliament.

And the mole, over on The First Post has reported that there are twenty other outer-London MPs, 16 of whom leave McNulty trailing in the dust when it comes to ripping off taxpayers money. And guess who just missed out on the Bronze Medal for corruption, none other than Jon Cruddas coming in at number four on the list.
Mike Gapes, the Labour chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee and MP for Ilford South, has claimed £104,650 while the widely respected Labour left-wing deputy leadership candidate and campaigner against the BNP, Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham, has been paid £103,117 in allowances for having to find accommodation near the Commons.
Jon is your typical champagne socialist. He enjoys being a member of the Walton Heath Golf Club where he gets his membership at a reduced rate merely for being an MP.

When he is not playing golf you will find him flying off on freebees to places like Australia paid for by people like the Catalyst Think Tank.

When not enjoying other peoples hospitality, Cruddas is a regular speaker for the undemocratic and violent Unite Against Freedom(UAF) otherwise known as The Clawhammer Gang, that are dedicated to silencing free speech and promoting marxism.

So Cruddas, who is not completly stupid, knows just what the BNPs policy is on those who support political terrorism, defraud the public and seek to betray Our Country.

It will be the pen for one of the biggest pigs in Parliament. Or maybe even the abatoir. Who knows.