Thursday, 12 March 2009

So Lord slaughter is freed

If they had not released me, I would have send my boys round

So Lord Ahmed has been released after serving just 16 days of his sentence for killing a man whilst sending and receiving text messages on his phone whilst driving at over 60 mph in the dark on the M1.

The sentencing judge who should be investigated for his overly lenient sentence, that goes against the government guidelines for severe sentences for those who cause death as a result of the use of a mobile phone whilst driving, came out with a right load of rubbish.

He said that Lord Slaughters phone had not been connected for two minutes before the accident. What a load of slimey crap. Two minutes is nothing. Your phone is not connected after you have received a message and are reading it and neither is it connected whilst you are creating a message.

Lord Slaughter was as guilty as hell but we all know the rules now. One law for them and one law for us. It is as simple as that.

You are either for them or against them. If you want to see the return of equal justice then you had better start voting British National Party or continue to doff your cap to the corrupt "establishment".

Waitress gets 21 months and barred for 3 years.
Ahmed gets 16 days and barred for a year.

One day Lord Slaughter will be brought to justice and hopefully deported.


Anonymous said...

No comment.

it's enought to drive one to soporific beverages producing temporary imbecility!


Anonymous said...

"grand ol duke of york, he had 10 000 men."

plus you had the muslim demonstrators against the parading troops neing let off scott free.

The British government is scared of the Muslims, there is no other reason.

They have handed your country on a silver plate to Islamic imperialism and the majority of British do nothing.

Anonymous said...


"BRITAIN will be the world's third-largest recipient of migrants over the next 40 years, according to a United Nations report published yesterday.
Despite the economic crisis, net immigration is expected to average 174,000 every year up to 2050 – higher than any other country except the United States and Canada.

The arrivals are predicted to swell the UK's population to 72 million by the middle of the century, overtaking Germany (70.5 million) as the biggest country in the European Union."

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Why am I not suprised? We MUST make a breakthrough at the next election. If it doeant happen now, after the events of the last few days then I will know that truly, the British people have lost the qualities they have always been known for.