Saturday, 14 March 2009

Say Hello to Peter Franzen, the man who may be behind the hammer attack on Tony Ward.

by johnofgwent

I confess to being intrigued by the revelation Green Arrow provided a few blog entries ago that the hammer attack on Tony Ward, and the vandalism of our election campaign property was possibly down to a call to arms from former local TUC President, life-long labour supporter and labour party member of 25 years standing Stephen Hall

Unlike Green Arrow whose internet provider at his current location seems to think two tin cans and a bit of damp string is a viable connection to cyberspace, I have rather faster facilities onsite here. And thanks to the damage to my health done by the stress given to me by my previous employer, I have a little time on my hands at weekends as I can no longer currently get up to half the physical activities I used to.

So I decided to check out a few things. And I would like to share my findings with you.

Hall's posting on "LabourNet" (see the link in GA's post) claims he was informed of the upcoming BNP meeting by one Peter Franzen of the Community Action Party who was informed of the event by a "colleague" from the Socialist workers Party.

Now Mr Franzen seems a fairly decent sort of chap. If you view the link I selected, you will see he is a "founder member and Leader of the grass roots Community Action Party that has rocked “Fortress Labour in Wigan” and has spearheaded the slashing of the Labour Council majority from sixty six to just nine in less than three years. He was first elected as a Councillor in May 2002."

So far, all power to him, for it is suggested that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

But that only works up to a point.

On his campagn page for election for the Makerfield constituency he presents himself as "A campaigner for a policy of Zero tolerance of crime vandalism and anti-social behaviour" Go read the words for yoursself. I'm going to grab the page as a PDF as soon as I hit 'publish' here in case it "mysteriously vanishes" overnight.

Yet this man who serves the public as "a member of the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority" and in his capacity as "Leader of the Opposition on Wigan Council" and "Vice-Chairperson of Wigan Council's powerful Overview and Scrutiny Committee" sees no particular problem in starting a chain of events that call for a "national mobilisation of anti-fascist supporters".

I call upon the Labour run Wigan Council to demand a statement from Mr Franzen as to the part he played in this affair and whether taking action to raise a lawless rabble for the purpose of doing violence on the street is a right and proper act for a man elected on a mandate of zero tolerance to crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

I see the Community Action Party website is kept well up to date though. Their front page is a call to their party faithful to turn out and vote for the CAP candidate in the West Wigan By-Election.


Their candidate, Ian (Sandy Franzen) persuaded an amazing 118 people to turn out and vote for him coming sixth out of six. UKIP got six more votes and our man, Christopher Hilton got 200 votes, coming in fourth with the Labour Party holding the seat, on a turnout of a piss-poor 21%. Ian (Sandy) Franzen ? That surname sounds awfully familiar. Is the Community Action Party a family affair or is "Franzen" a Mancunian dialect rendition of "Smith ?"


the doctor said...

I know this piece of filth well ,his tactics in council are to obstruct everything , the CAP was to be the resurrection of free politics in Wigan . At last a party to take on Labour in Wigan , what a let down , and now the people are leaving them in droves ; what could have been Wigans salvation was lead in to the sand by the Franzens . God rot his soul .

Anonymous said...

I can't bear to look at this fascist, we will make sure they ALL pay for their criminal activity towards the innocent British people.politicalMIZZ

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hello Doc, how are you tonight?

JoG - Franzen was unelected by the good people of Golborne last year. He is no longer a Councillor.

In the Wigan West ward election you talk about last year, I was election agent for our man Chris Hilton. I actually bumped into Sandy Franzen a couple of times whilst out leafleting and he's ok. How two brothers could be so different in character is quite amazing.

Peter Franzen is also an out-and-out liar. Read this argument I and a couple of others had with him. It extends across several pages of comments (only ten comments to a page, starting at about comment No 79 and up to comment No 130+). You can't read anything prior to comment No 78, because we have a phantom deleter amongst our local paper readership, and he had been on the prowl yesterday. This is why I have screengrabs of every comment made after No79 ... the prowler may return. Read and enjoy

I think Tony Ward (the hammer victim) and the other three BNP men have been libelled by Franzen. I spoke to a friend of mine this evening, a friend who is a party officer in Liverpool BNP. I have now emailed him all my screengrabs, a link to the argument with Franzen, and a link to the BBC (hardly a friend of the BNP) article on the Leigh incident.

I think Peter Franzen has not heard the last of this and may soon be consulting with m'learned friends regarding his defence.

Oh, and yes, the CAP leadership is basically a Franzen family affair - more so than just Peter and his brother Sandy. There's also another brother, and the wife of one of them. The wife of Peter Franzen himself works in the library in the Golborne ward; we had cause to complain about her last year because in the council elections she was giving out official information about all election candidates other than our BNP candidaate (I was agent) opposing her husband Peter. We had a candidate in that ward for the first time ever. Franzen was unelected by the good people of Golborne (not THAT good - they elected the Labour candidate)and so ceased to be a councillor. We were pleased to note that our candidate polled more votes than Franzen lost by. Our candidate was the said Liverpool BNP officer I spoke to this evening regarding Franzen's comments in our local paper re the hammer attack. He is a friend of Tony Ward - the hammer attack recipient. Things get interesting.

Talking about hammer attacks - many if not most of the thirty involved in attacking the Landrover in Leigh were from amongst our ethnic friends - indeed, the man who wielded the hammer splitting Tony Ward's head open was black.

I note that in the attack by ethnics on Henry Webster at the Wroughton school last year, they used a claw hammer. In a robbery at a filling station here in Wigan last year by two blacks on another motorist - the robbers used a machete and a ... hammer (and really did USE the hammer)

I think we may be looking at a newly formed habit here amongst our ethnic minority friends.

Watch out for yourselves and take care out there. I think the game has just moved up a notch.

johnofgwent said...

Hi Sir Henry.

Well I had a look at the pages in your link and i must say it is interesting. Mr Franzen says he was there, on the other side of the road, and witnessed BNP members wielding baseball bats and hammers, and suggests Tony ward fell over and banged his head on the pavement in his haste to run away, but then says maybe he hit his head on something in his landrover.

It's almost as truthful as blair's dossier on weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

I particularly liked Franzen's claim that it was BNP members wielding the claw hammers.

Especially since several coments left on the site (some since deleted it seems) say the guy who whacked Tony ward with the hammer was black.

The Green Arrow said...

Nice work JOG. I think we are getting into a shift system here.

Give us a call later kinsman. Have news.

BFB said...

Sixth out of six! Doesn't that make him...well...LAST (as in "why bother", or, in other words "get a life").

Sixth out of six................................................................................LOL...(-;

johnofgwent said...

Hi BFB ....

In the words of Max Boyce (and how apt to be quoting Mr Oggy Oggy Oggy on the day wales sort-of kept their hopes alive ....)

"Have you noticed how no welsh choir came LAST ......"

But I take my hat off to the guy over one matter and it's no laughing matter and it is something for which the guy deserves respect. He - and yes his "less than savoury by the sound of it" brother too both came to the conclusion tnat the tossers in charge needed to go, and that they could do better. But having made that decision they stepped up to the plate, put their (or someone else's) money down and went out and tried to persuade the good people of the town of the rightness of their cause.

And that - for me anyway - is what puts the Great in Great Britain. The fact that despite everything the slimy treasonous scum running the country try to do, it is still posible to stand up and call out to like minded people that "enough is enough and I intend to change things for the better".

And yes even the odious Mr Hall has to be given tnat much too.

For their decision to seek public approval at the ballot box for their political ideology makes them tower over the likes of Weyman Bennett - who behaved so childishly on Talk Radio the other day. Weyman's organisation "does not believe in standing for elections to achieve its political goals"

Is that because he can't find enough friends to divvy up the deposit between them for him to stand as a gesture of faith in his belief that the people love him to bits and want him in power over them ...

Is it because he talks one talk while knowing all the while that if he walked the walk he'd get even fewer votes than a cannibal standing for nomination as president of the vegetarian society ....

Or is it because he believes his political ideology should be imposed by the business end of a claw hammer instead of the business end of a ballot box ?