Thursday, 19 March 2009

A job for one of the boys

Lib/Lab/con Councillors. You know what I want to do.

One of the ways the The Establishment ensures that they continue to remain in power is to build a small army of activists at local level whose job is solely to support and work for the party that conned the public into paying for them.

And one of the methods that the Lib/Lab/con alliance have used to fund these activists for decades is to employ them in non jobs which leaves them free to work away without them being distracted by the duties of a real job.

Having once worked for Camden Council, I have seen this in operation. To cover their tracks they usually do it on a reciprocal basis with a neighbouring borough, so if pushed they can say that they recruited "out of area" the best man for the job. In time, they will be "gifted" an house in the area to improve their performance.

To further cover their tracks, they also advertise the job in rags that support them such as The Guardian which specialises in advertising non jobs for these leeches.

Other people who apply and turn up for interviews are on a hiding to nothing as the deal is already done before the job is even advertised.

And with the rise of the British National Party, they find they need more paid activists to help them retain their power, for they know what will happen once our ferrets gain access to their rats nest in the council chambers across the country. They will be toast.

And so I point you to a classic example of such a non job that has been created at a cost of £32,000 per year to Dudley rates payers in the Black Country.
The Tory-led council says there has been a “big increase” in British National Party activity in the borough and hope the officer will combat instances of racist, sexist and homophobic abuse. However they say the creation of the post is unrelated to proliferation of BNP propaganda.
So why mention the British National Party? The British National Party is neither racist, sexist or homophobic but it is the excuse the council needs to create a very well paid job for one of their boys that some in the community might swallow.

And I would like to know just who it is who is getting the following in Dudley:
“If we can break the cycle of abuse in the first place it means someone else is not going to get a beating or suffer name-calling.

“We have got a big increase in BNP activity at the moment, especially in Dudley North, with leaflets and inflammatory literature being distributed.

“We want to live in harmony, we have had enough trouble with tension over the mosque.
Because it is not the British National Party that wanders around in gangs attacking lone moslem males.

And it is not the British National Party that is praying on and prostituting young white girls.

But it is the British National Party that is revealing how crooked and corrupt the local councillors are that have fed of us for too long.

Somewhere in a neighbouring borough, there is a person celebrating his new job as Dudleys Hate Crime Officer, which is already in his pocket. We forget nothing.


Anonymous said...

"A head teacher today won more than £400,000 damages for being forced out of her school after being branded a racist.

Erica Connor, 57, who was head of New Monument School, Woking, where 80 per cent of pupils are Muslim, claimed she had been the victim of a campaign of harassment by some of the school governors who accused her of Islamophobia.

Deputy Judge John Leighton Williams QC at the High Court said education officers had been more concerned about complaints to the Commission for Racial Equality than the health of their head teacher.

He said Surrey County Council was negligent in not stepping in to help Ms Connor before she was forced to retire through ill health in December 2006 following a breakdown.

He ordered the council to pay the damages for her psychiatric injury, to include loss of income and pension, medical expenses and the loss of the career she loved.

Ms Connor, a divorced mother of one, said her troubles started in 2003 when four Muslim governors were appointed to the governing body.

They included a convert called Paul Martin, and another man, Mumtaz Saleem.

The four "effectively railroaded" governors' meetings, repeatedly raising issues of religious education, content of assemblies and prayers.
Erica Connor

Erica Connor was headteacher of New Monument School in Woking (pictured) where 80 per cent of pupils are Muslim. She claimed she was forced to retire through ill health after a campaign of harrassment

They wanted more formal Islamic worship in the school and closer links with the local mosque.

Mr Martin complained repeatedly about the ethos and Ms Connor's management. An investigation acquitted the school of racism or religious bias.

But after that an anonymous petition was circulated among parents, saying that those who signed it "no longer have confidence in Erica Connor to educate our children in a way that respects and values our faith, culture and heritage".

Another document accused Ms Connor of "racism and Islamophobia". A second investigation criticised the head and her perceptions of multiculturalism.

In September 2005, she went on sick leave for a depressive illness.

Outside court, Ms Connor said: "I finally feel vindicated in terms of the accusations of racism and Islamophobia against myself. I believe in equal opportunity. Every child has the right to achieve to their full potential, in an environment that celebrates diversity and respects the beliefs and culture of each individual."

The post traumatic stress disorder she suffered during her ordeal means she can no longer work again as a teacher.

Ms Connor, who originally lived in Esher but has since moved to Wales, became head teacher in 1998 after four years as deputy head.

During her time as head until 2002 the Sats results "improved very considerably", said the judge. "She ran a happy and successful school where there were no real problems until 2003."

In his ruling, the judge said the council ignored her "health and welfare" because it was clear they were concerned about the reference to racism, and feared Mr Martin could complain to the CRE.

He described Ms Connor as "a most honest witness" and a "successful headmistress".

But from 2003 the council failed to keep the activities of Mr Martin and Mr Saleem in check."

Anonymous said...

We were warned over 20 yrs ago that councils would become mini dictatorships, and so they have. Did anyone even notice the transition fron being "local councils" to "local AUTHORITIES"?. The very word authority implies that they are now the power brokers over the public, instead of being accountable public servants who took care of the roads, lighting and bins etc. This ever increasing beaurocracy and nosing into peoples private affairs was planned, along with the countless non jobs which those vast sums of Council tax fund (when not being slushed away in foreign bank accounts or paying Common Purpose bills!). And right across the country new steel and glass fortresses are being built, innocently titled "civic centres", sharing information about those very same council tax payers, and no doubt soon to be deciding whether those "customers" will be entitled to health care or any other necessary service. First step should sanity be regained in Britain?, scrap the whole "local authority" initiative and replace with accountable public servants who are paid a wage in accordance with their role, (not the £150,000 per annum plus perks presently handed out to council chief executives), pay councillors expenses only and immediately remove anuyone found to be working against the public/tax payers interest.

mark said...

So they want to combat racist, sexist and homophobic behaviour? Might I suggest they watch Channel 4's excellent "Undercover Mosque" and they'll see anti-Jewish hatred and homophobia that goes off the scale.

Jennifer said...

Essential guides to the religion-of-peace.
Please take the time to watch, then pass on to as many as possible:




This is the religion-of-peace of the liblabcontrick.

Vote BNP if you want to survive.

Iris said...

Antifasism -

xoggoth said...

Have been reading the Haddiths recently. All the worst of the most extreme practices in Saudi, Iran etc are the actual teachings of the prophet. Moderates can revere that man? Impossible.

Anyway, even more off topic, see you are becoming more active in the South. Given what has happened and what continues to happen, you may well get a lot of support.

Iris said...

This what liblabcontrick supporters vote for their kids -

Anonymous said...

Local councils need seriously clearing out. All the rubbish needs to go. They are mini dictatorships and leeches. Have you ever worked out how many hours you actually have to work each month to pay your council tax? Work it out. Just for example, somone who gets £10 after income tax/NI deductions and pays £150 a month needs to work 15 hours a month to support the council leeches. Someone who works for £5 an hour after deductions and pays £100 a month needs to work 20 hours a month to pay. Work out for yourself and see how you are enslaved by the council. This is your labour they are taking and you have to work for free in this manner or you go to prison. This is a form of enslavement. You have no choice in this. Work out your own figure and see how many hours you have to work for free to support these leeches.
These people are leeches and they enslave you by forcing you to labour for them.

Anonymous said...

More council corruption today:

Anonymous said...

It is possible that this post may be construed as being political (against the BNP). If this is so, this may be illegal. Can anyone challenge this? I mean we all know that they do this and they hate the BNP because one of the things the BNP will do is take thier little snouts out of the trough and get rid of thier little earners and nonsense. However, they should not be open about this should they? Can this not be challenged?

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is a solicitor and he was telling me a story about hate crime units this week. A business man had come to see him asking for advice about suing the police. I won't go into too many details for obvious reasons but the outline of the story is that the client had come in because the hate crime unit police had turned up at his house one evening. This was very unpleasant for him for many reasons such as he had friends round for dinner that evening.
One of his business interests is that he rents out a number of high quality homes. One such house was rented to a gay man. The gay man stopped paying his rent. The gay man was still in his job but was choosing to spend his money on his 'high life' instead of paying rent. So the business man issued him a written repossesion notice. When the gay man read it he rang the man going hysterical and saying this was cause he was gay. The business man said no, it's cause you don't pay rent. Pay the rent or go to court and repossesion proceedings will occur. All perfectly legal, perfectly proper.
So, what did the gay man do to the business man?
He went to the hate crime unit and made a false report that during the phone call the business man had spoken in a homoophobic manner. The business man did not even hate gays and apparently does quite a lot of business with gay men - this being one example. The gay man just lied to the police to be spiteful because he was having a tantrum cause he had to get out of the house because he wasn't paying rent.
So what did the hate crime unit do? They ran round to the business man's house going mad and he had guests there and everything.
SO, the business man now wants to sue the hate crime unit for harssment and prosecute the gay man for the false report to the police.
This event illustrates a problem with hate crime units. They can be lied to and this can bring injustice to innocent people. Why should certain groups of people have this at thier disposal? Any moron can see how this can be abused - and it is getting abused.
Why do such units even exist? How is it equal when some people have better protection laws than others? How is this equality before the law?