Saturday, 28 March 2009

Censorship and UKTabloid

Watching them watching us

Those of you turning up this morning for a report on yesterdays "Event" will have to be a little patient. It will be the next article. Promise. Right. Coffee cup full, Hits of the Sixties playing softly in the background and curtains closed to avoid distraction, Let's Roll.

My mind full of words and names, my planned article was stopped by my early morning check on the UKTabloid, The People's News Portal.

Now what do I know about the setup and the people behind UKTabloid? Not a lot but I pick up bits and pieces in my travels, so this is what I do know about it.

The guy who runs it stays up through the night and and works extremely hard to bring to the attention of its readers, all the news worth reading in Our Sad Country by around 0400 every morning. I know because that is the time I am usually up and about and doing my bit in The Battle for Britain. (Not today but see the next article for the reason why.)

I have never met or spoken to this hero of the resistance but hope to meet him one day and shake his hand. He must be a remarkable person and I just hope for practical reasons that he has a backup person to take over(this site and forum does), should life be unkind to us and we lost him. The British Nationalist movement could not afford to lose a site like the UKTabloid, because although not a British National Party support site, the news he brings to his readers will point many people in their direction.

Well today he has led off with an article on Censorship and how to circumnavigate it if you are blocked from accessing various sites and provides several links to tools to help you still gain access to the truth.
What prompted this column today is the latest attack to silence the renowned and popular Green Arrow. It seems the Left do not like the Truth being told, and an all out jihad is taking place to silence such sites.

Just as the Terrorism laws are being used to spy on innocent people so are Hate laws being used to silence the truth from being available to the public.
I have said it before and must say it again. With sites like UKTabloid, you do not need to put money into the pockets of The Establishment Press that have sold their journalistic souls for tax relief from the government.

So please bookmark the UKTabloid, or better still if you have tabs on your Internet Brouser(I use Firefox) then make it your joint homepage with the British National Party site.

If you remember, I mentioned yesterday the importance of sharing and linking articles posted on Patriotic sites. UKTabloid is a news portal and publishes stories already in the public domain of the news media. No reasonable person, forum or site should take exception at its link. If they do they are not worth visiting.

Right, moving on. A message for the Godfather of the Claw Hammer Gang known as Seachlight.

If you think your Common Purpose friends in the Metropolitan Police are going to protect you from investiagtion, you are in for a shock and an unpleasant one at that, so stew on that for awhile Gerry.

Now I have several articles submitted that may be delayed going out for awhile because I have some serious work to do that is going to suck up my weekend but rest assured the end result will be another black eye for the enemies of freedom. Your articles will be out soon. You have my word.

If you wish to see an example of how the enemies of freedom of speech try to silence us, then just click on the DIGG button at the end of the article.

Coming also later today another expose on Searchlight.
This analysis looks at the way in which the organisation Searchlight acts towards the native (indigenous) inhabitants of the British Isles – and, in particular, examines Searchlight’s behaviour towards the English.
For those who would like to know about this criminal run and state funded organisation then check out these links. No wonder they want to silence this site.
OK, let's pour another coffee, change the CD, some Roy Orbison now I think and get on with writing my report on yesterdays "Event".

Oh and check out this site here. It is called, well no, I tend to be a bit old fashioned with regards to language I use but this site is definately worth of visit. I am sure Battler from BFB will like it. He is another straight talker and as a good article on the Manic Street Preachers.

Finally some messages for the resistance.

AA, thank you for the excellent advice that you left on Intense Debate. I shall be taking time out later today to do exactly as you laid out in your message. If I can ever reciprocate in any way please let me know, it would be a pleasure to assist you.

David, old friend, I read your article. Excellent and thank you for the link but please be careful and do not jeopardize your position or financial security.

AB, where are you?