Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Zak Dingle, the Taliban and the BNP

Watching the above clip of the actor Steve Halliwell, who plays the part of Zak Dingle in the third rate soap, Emmerdale, made me wonder what the Labour luvvies who speak out against the BNP, would make of this news from Pakistan.

Because in Pakistan, which as now almost completed its descent into hell, where the madmen of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile reign supreme, actors and singers are being forced from the public eye as entertainers and into being spokesmen for the ideology of Islam or die.

A month ago a prominent stage and TV comedian, Alamzeb Mujahid, announced his departure from acting at a press conference.

He had been kidnapped beforehand by unidentified people and was kept in captivity for almost a week.

Mr Mujahid announced to the media that he would be joining the Tablighi and would never return to TV or stage shows again.

The 35-year-old, who appeared cowed and exhausted, said he would grow a beard and would pass the rest of his life in the way of Allah.
Like other evil ideologies such as communism, Islam depends on terror to advance its cause and that is the way it has operated for centuries since the the clock of time stopped for them.

And that is the way it will go in Our Country unless the British National Party becomes the government of the day and cuts this cancer out of our society.

Our famous British Tolerance (or is it apathy?) will not save us. Saying that most Moslems are moderates will just not do. At the end of the day it is their hard men who will determine the path of Islam in Our Country.

The evil IRA used similar tactics of terror against the "moderate" Catholics of Northern Ireland. In the early years of "the troubles", before the killings really took off, the IRA would tie young Catholic girls to lampposts, shave their hair off and then tar and feather them for speaking to British Soldiers.

Those Catholics who spoke out against the evil of the IRA, would be knee capped, murdered or forced into exile in Great Britain.

Moderate parents who prevented their children from going to throw stones at British Troops would be visited by the big men and warned of the consequences of not letting their children do "their duty".

Islam now sees itself as an unstoppable force that will conquer the world. Their hard men will not allow those born into Islam into living a "normal" life and learning the truth about their evil cult. Their preachers will force them onto the streets to fight until they win. Then the Reign of Terror will truly begin.

But if Islam sees itself as an irresistible force then the British National Party is the immovable object that will stop them in their tracks.

The Cult of the Dead Paedophile is not an irresistible force. History has shown us that. They can be stopped. They can be driven back. Because the BNP really is an immovable object that they will break themselves against.


Anonymous said...

You're right GA, it's going to be up to the BNP to stop Islam and stop it we must. You'll see exactly why this is crucial in my next essay which I'll send you today.

But can we please end the "moderate muslim" fantasy? There is no such thing, you cannot believe in Mohammed and be moderate and just because a muslim doesn't commit acts of terror, it doesn't give them a "moderate" badge.

Lord Ahmed of Jihad is a typical example of what I mean.


Anonymous said...

What is it about these luvvies that makes them all tow the politically correct line?. Are they only given contracts on the premise that they will "behave", or is it fear that they wont have their contracts renewed?. Right accross the board 99.9% of those involved in broadcasting seem set against the nation, despite acting the parts of normal people, they have little in common with those they allegedly "entertain". No wonder so many are now turning off from the viper in the corner, I watch no "mainstream" tv as it has all been politicised, with some of the propaganda being very base and amateurish to the point of embarrassing. I will be encouraging all those that I know to stop watching this Emmerdale tripe, which at one time was a firm favourite of my father, but now bears little resemblance, being full of pc/multicult nonsense. And while we are at it, has anyone seen Hollyoaks?? my God, its like some perverse freaks ball, and whats more concerning is that its aimed squarely at our young. If good ever does triumph over evil in these vital and viral next few years, because evil is what we are facing, I hope the whole media machine is stripped to its bare bones and inspected very carefully. Zak you will be Zacked.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Hope not Hate! These stupid luvvie fools just love it. Their tiny minds can relate to something like that. This dope plays a character who is not quite the full shilling and I can see why. He's just type cast. Theres plenty of hate in the Emmerdale county of Yorkshire, it comes from the aliens who inhabit the towns abd cities which used to be wholly Yorkshire but have been turned into Bangladesh and Pakistan. Leeds, Dewsbury, I seem to remember bombers operating from their enclaves, their no go areas, financed by us, the people they try to kill. Hope. Not much of that for true Brits unless they start voting BNP in their millions. No wonder Zac supports them, wrap a towel around his head and he could be one.

Not my Grandad's Labour Party said...

Apart from the absence of the f-word, Halliwell's 'message' is the same as the two female Marxist intellectuals shown in the previous video - a mindless slogan with no attempt to engage in any sort of debate about policies.

Are these luvvies deliberately insulting the intelligence of the British people, or do they seriously think this will get their message through to their particular 'audience'?

I'm reminded of 'prolefeed' in Orwell's 1984.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch channel 4's Dipatches programme last night?
Methinks soon coming to a country near you.

Anonymous said...

I must admit i've seen that video a few days ago and it disturbed me them, it just goes to show us though that when they use these useful vacous "celebs" the game is definately up.
I remember last year David Beckham (another airhead) was wheeled out to say Gordon Brown was doing a good job, he had been invited to Downing street,i was furious with Beckham, i thought if Brown is doing a good job why is Beckham living in America ?
For Communism to prosper in a society, that society has to be very firmly controlled
The reason "these lovies tow the politically correct line" is partly because they want to as the establishment will only employ Leftists, the establishment is very fascist you know and its because if they don't tow the line their contract will not be renewed, and they try to persecute BNP saying that we will bring our politics into the work place, when there is absolutely no evidence to support this, the trouble is the real fascists judge us by there own standards, good work GA.politicalMIZZ

astra said...

Well there goes my "brain candy." Emmerdale was going CP anyway. Someone didn't like my comment that it was a recherche of England as it used to be; characters and community.
Shallow writing now.

Insight into the Silence of the Luvvies...being in the unions, I know that there's a "grey list." Conservative performers are lucky to be sent up for auditions, and usually get work by "playing the game," eg, wearing an Obama button. Writers who can influence mind sets are different.
If we don't promote the CP/PC agenda, write about AIDS, vilify or "slutify" women, and write about humanity we're just blacked out, irrespective of our standards and ability to draw audiences, earn standing ovations, etc. And forget about grants! There's a sardonic work of music, which consists of the lyrics: "hahahaha hahaha hahahaha ha..." you get it.
I would be open to offering one of my works as a fundraiser for BNP even if my dear luvvie friends roll their beautiful eyes in horror. Speaking of Luvvies, great sadness for Natasha Richardson, RIP.

astra said...

The Beckhams are in America so Victoria can buy the celebrity she craves. End of. I wonder if they've earned enough by now to payoff their publicists (and editors, event organisers, etc.)

Too bad she doesn't follow the late Diana's example and put her energies to charity work.