Monday, 9 March 2009

How the Moslems intend to take over the UK

If you will not believe what the British National Party says about the intentions of the Moslems in the UK, then perhaps it is best if you hear it straight from the horses mouth.

Please take the time to watch this video because whether you believe it not, there is a tidal wave of blood rushing towards us.


Anonymous said...

This should be put on the main BNP web site

Wolfblood said...

The Bullingdon view -

The reality -

Support the BNP, ....... or die with your children on the street and in the gulags!

Anonymous said...

Green these followers of MAHOUND must be made to leave our country, we must have laws stopping the building of mosques.

These cocky Muslim shits should be kicked out of the country.

NO doubt the chap with the Mahound Beard will be invited to speak in parliment to a packed house about how wonderful Islam is.

As the other chap says this video should be on main BNP website.

Aberdeen patriot

AbertaweBNP said...

Why is he aloud to spout his vile shite, and he has the cheek to call The BNP haters, pot, kettle, black.

Surely one day very soon, someone from the establishment has to make a decision to arrest this nobody, as he is on the very brink to inciting hatred and talking about coups in The UK, an islamic coup will never happen here, as the people of Britain can and do get pushed around but when we push back, run to the hills, as WE FEAR NO FOE.

Read up on General 'Black Jack' Pershing vs. Muslim Terrorists,
everyone has a weakness some though are weaker than others.

Proud to be BNP

Anonymous said...

Just read my last 2 essays again GA and see how everything I stated is being echoed in that vid BY A LEADING PRACTISING MUSLIM. Perhaps he's an "Islamophobe".

Question: Are the Muslims in Choudhary's audience "moderate"?

Not a dissenting voice of "true Islam" among them.


Anonymous said...

We know that, Green Arrow, Powell knew it too, but there has been a conspiracy in this country which has tried to prevent people from seeing the reality and, if they are not blinded, from saying what they see.

The truth will prevail, and one day those who have deceived us will pay for their crimes, as there will be a lot of very angry people.

Kwelos said...

Thanks G A,
I've filed this article as IS5 under 'Infiltration and Subversion' at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

Anonymous said...

He used to work for the CRE ? What other Islamists have we got imbedded in OUR establishment ?
He is a traitor, see how ALL the traitors fear the BNP becuse we are the ONLY party who will hold them to account.
MI5 should find this interesting, this is what they should be persuing.
Yes GA any chance you can put a comment on the BNP website with a link to this video, get this traitor seen widely. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...

The Church of England dhimmis seriously believe that if they sacrifice Israel to the Muslims, then the Muslims will stop persecuting Christians:

"There is now a widespread sense that Israel must finally be defeated once and for all — and then the Islamists will calm down."

Rowan Williams(pbuh) is obviously just the chief Muslim-appeaser among many. No wonder these sky-pilots were so keen to excommunicate BNP voters.

gatesofvienna said...

Agree GA should be on main BNP site.
Can you pass it on?
Heres' a great new BNP video- one of their best ever-very rousing!
Got it up on my site- needs passing around!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. When will we stop maggots like this having freedom to spread their poison? However, he raises one important question. What exactly are "British values?" Sarcastically, he mentions fish and chips. Realistically, I think we all know what our values USED to be but the crucial question is, what are they now? Much will depend on the nations answer when we seriously have to face up to it.

Anonymous said...

This is something people are yet to wake up to, especially in Scotland

They don't care like my partner says, "a muslim army could march past folk in the street and they would turn to each other and say "did you watch the fitba last night"

Now time for a shameful plug, visit

(all comments welcome)

Strider said...

He has a sense of humour though...

He says:

"The christain says, 'Take my shirt, I give you my trousers' but the Moslem says, 'Take my shirt and I'll fight for my trousers!' "

Send all the rest home, but keep this chap. He knows how to laugh!

rarecockney said...

I think that Multiculturalism is a destroyer of peoples identity and culture. Forced on the British people by the past, and present Labour, government's. The tories are not much better these Parties have many supporters of United Against Facism in there ranks who are a particularly, storm trooper, type of organisation. Recently a mob of UAF attacked, just four BNP activist's. I hope the Police find these people and send them down.