Thursday, 19 March 2009

Shahid Malik moslem labour MP

18th march 2009: Shahid Malik talks about the number of
moslems in the house of commons.

Now you are going to have be a very thick brick that is even thicker than a UAF supporter to not see the future of Our Country in this short video should the British National Party not prevail.

There is no reasoning or negotiation with the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. It is either their way or no way.

No country in the world has seen its own culture or religion survive once the locusts of hell land on their shores.

Shhh now then children. Go back to sleep. It might not be the wolf at the door. It might be the tooth fairy.

EDIT by JohnOfGwent

GA asked me to insert a point I raised in a comment below into the main body of the article, so here you go. I was listening to this video and I was about to say something like "well, two can play that game, here's to the British National Party's first MP in 2010, and when people see they do the job they're paid to do, their numbers will double and quadruple too".

And then it hit me like a sledgehammer.

He Said 2009

Listen to his words again. Now I have no doubt the party spinmeisters will say this is just a bit of poetic licence, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009 etc. And it may be.

But wait. This man is on this podium boasting about being a Minister of the Crown. Of having one constituency's non-indigenous ghetto vote him into Westminster from where he squirmed (and what else too, I wonder) his way to the seat of power. This is a man who knows things about which he is required to keep his own counsel.

And he just said in 2009/10 there will be eight moslem MP's. But listen again to how he said it. He paused, as if struck dumb, between "2009" and "2010". It was a parody of his boss in Prime Minister's Question Time fluffing his lines and saying "Depression" and then correcting himself after a noticeable hesitation. He says "In 2009 ..." and then he pauses as if realising he has revealed the greatest secret, before stuttering to correct himself by adding 2010.

Listen again and tell me I'm wrong. In fact I hope I am imagining it, because if I am not, it means two things. First, it means Gordon Brown knows the Tory Party grows stronger by the week but in their own words in today's 6:30 news their spokesperson was urging their party faithful on, saying the battle for the next election must be fought and won, victory will not be easy .... so they are not yet battle-ready. And maybe, just maybe, Gordon Brown is planning to strike now while they are unready, and maybe hold an Autumn Election in the hope of salvaging something - maybe even keeping his own seat. It would not be the first time such a move was made.

But if this is true there is a second and even more worrying problem. It means Malik is in on the best kept secret in Westminster - the date of the next election.

Why would that be ?

Well how about "so he can get out there and curry favour with his fellow believers to persuade them to get out there and vote for the only party that will keep them on their road to power" ...

Edit By Green Arrow

They may also hope that by calling an election, say in October 2009, that the British National Party War Chest is empty after fighting the European Elections and therefor unable to field a full slate of candidates.

Shahid Malik the lieing Moslem Minister caught out.


Anonymous said...

WOW !! That is one HELL of a find.

Someone grab it before it gets erased by the Ministry of Truth !!!

Anonymous said...

Now I actually came back here to say "well two can play at that game, for in 2010 The BNP must strive to have one True Patriot MP ......"

And then I fell off my chair because I realised what this guy had just said.

And while it is POSSIBLE the spin doctors will say he was just saying ot for neatness, I wonder ........

LISTEN to what he says again. And this time listen very carefully one word at a time.

"In 1997 we had one muslim MP
In 2001 we had 2 muslim MP's
In 2005 we had four Muslim MP's"

And then the fatal mistake

"In 2009 ...10 we will have......"

This Man is Minister Of The Crown. He KNOWS things. Things he must keep his own counsel on.

And unless I am very much mistaken, JUST as his boss had a "Princess David" moment telling the House of Commons we were in a Depression which he quickly changed to Deflation, SO THIS PIECE OF SHIT just told us the next election will be THIS YEAR

THEN he realised he'd let the cat out of the bag and corrected himself ....

Now go back and listen to what he saus again and tell me I'm imagining it....

Anonymous said...

No need for the hysterical conspiracies JOG it stands on it's own without any extra embelishment.

Let's not over egg the pudding!

Anonymous said...

Well spotted there JOG.

I think it,s time to collect information from around the country on how many churches have closed in the past year and how many have been converted to mosques.

And how many pubs too? 39 a week on average close I hear.

Also on bbc news recently an article on the effects of eating pork and drinking alchol relating to cancer if I remeber correctly.

More skulduggery afoot chaps.


Anonymous said...

A Muslim MP who wants more Muslims in Parliament and even a Muslim PM -"Inshallah".

Wow, a Muslim MP masquerading as a moderate but who is a jihadist furthering the cause of Islam.

No shit.


Wolfblood said...

Meanwhile -

Join the dots!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Well I had to be up and out early today so didnt come back to check GA until now, 2.40 pm. What do you know? The video clip is gone, vanished, disappeared, no longer available. The parrot is dead. Like democracy in Britain. Dead, deceased, and almost buried. What a stinking country our politicians have made of it.

Peter said...

I think you may have something there. Do you mind if I put it on the Mersey blog with a hat tip as GA always does.

mark said...

The obvious tactic is to link this to every site you frequent on the internet. It doesn't matter if it's a political, sports, financial or whatever site.

Just wake people up. He's not a Labour MP, he's a muslim MP.

Anonymous said...

What a traitor Malik is, it is not his intention to have a muslim Parliament, yes we believe you.
How arrogant he is smirking while he tells us that we are soon to have an Islamic Government.
Reality check Malik, the BNP will be in power long before this happens. politicalMIZZ

Anonymous said...


" the youtube video is not the full one. I've seen another which is far more 'damning'if that's the right word to use. And secondly, the real question is not whether it hands a 'propaganda' victory to you know who, but what those who oppose the Islamification of Europe make of it and more importantly, just how serious is he ? It just goes to shore up the position that Islam does not want to 'intergrate'. It needs and wants to dominate. This is my position anyway. And all evidence supports that position, whether one likes it or not. And his 'forcast' figures are accurate. Ethnic whites are being out bred by this particular group at the rate of 10 to 1. In 07/08, Mohammid was the second most popular name for new born boys in the United Kingdom. That's not 'racist', it's just a fact. Many of us have not seen any evidence anywhere that supports the soft view that Islam is either 'accommodating' or likely to 'bump along' with others once their numbers increase. Regretably, because this group make up an ever increasing percentage of Labour voters, the default appease mode kicks in automatically every time the envelope is pushed outwards."