Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The BNP, the CWU and The Conscience Clause

Attacking democracy

The Communication Workers' Union (CWU), which supposedly represents postal workers, has circulated a letter amongst its branches urging them NOT to deliver British National Party election material in the forthcoming European Elections.

The hypocrisy of these Marxist cranks, who claim to be against "fascism", is staggering. They frequently reveal themselves to be the biggest fascists of all, always supporting measures intended to persecute people for their political beliefs.

The Royal Mail will be distributing 29 million BNP leaflets in the forthcoming Euro Elections held on June 4th.

However, the CWU is attempting to use the Conscience Clause which states:
which allows a delivery person the right to refuse to deliver election material, if the material they are delivering, is considered to be offensive due to personal circumstances or beliefs
Well if that is the case, then any patriotic postal worker has the right to refuse to handle or deliver election material for any of the Lib/Lab/con alliance because of their starting and ongoing support for illegals war which have cost the lives of hundreds of British Service men and hundreds of thousands of civilian lives.

Click to enlarge the shameful letter

We must send a powerful, unequivocal message to the Royal Mail that any abuse of our democratic rights will NOT be tolerated. Any infringement on our democratic rights will meet with an overwhelming response from Operation Fightback.

We suggest you contact the PRP and demand an assurance that you will receive election communication literature from ALL political parties - including the BNP!

Make your protests heard here:
Tel: 08457 740 740
Email: postalreview@royalmail.com


Anonymous said...

Email sent to Royal Mail. Scandalous!

Anonymous said...

It's just more utter nonsense, they are there to deliver the mail, that's their job.

For a start it's tantamount to electrorial fraud, the next step is getting postmen/women to open postal vote envelopes to make sure the person voted for the right party.

Anonymous said...

not many people digging these articles come on digg for victory

Anonymous said...

This may backfire on them and do exactly as you say and NOT deliver other parties leaflets which posties do not agree with!!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, are those who presently feed from the trough of plenty running scared, how about THEIR consciences?, how on earth can they urge others to take part in what can only be described as underhand and immoral mass censorship, bet this sort of thing didnt even happen in the old Soviet block. What frightening times we live in, and what frightening a future if sanity and decency does not return to the civilised world.

Anonymous said...

This letter being distributed ahead of the Euro elections by the CWU is nothing new.

Whenever there is an election involving BNP candidates we always have our area union rep come and 'advise' us not to deliver their leaflets.

Of course his 'advice' is always heeded for two reasons, firstly, a large percentage of RM's staff are 'non indiginous' and therefore feel that they have a vested interest in not delivering BNP litrature. The second reason is that the 'patriotic' posties, who believe that every party has a right to be heard, often feel pressured into going along with the CWU's request so as not to cause friction with their colleagues.

ProudGeordie said...

Seeing as how the BNP are a legal political party and have been found NOT to be a racist organisation can we not start legal proceedings against these people for discrimination? Surely there is legal prescedent? If a BME postman can deliver a BNP members mail in perfect safety, then why would a postman be endangered delivering the leaflets?

Could it be they think a white postman will be 'enrichened' for delivering the leaflet to a BME? That is the attackers problem, not ours.

Anonymous said...

Proud Geordie, the CWU claiming to be concerned that some posties may feel that their safety could be compromised, is just a smokescreen.

The bottom line is that the CWU hierachy are fully paid up members of the Communist party and the UAF and therefore have a vested interest in ensuring that the BNP's election leaflets are not delivered.

Obviously the CWU can't go to Royal Mail's managment and say "sorry we don't want to deliver BNP flyers because it is at odds with our ideology", i'm sure they would be told to take a running jump if they did so.

What they try to do is to play
the human rights/racism card by suggesting that if an individual feels that, by delivering a certain political party's leaflets, he is put in a position that makes him feel uncomfortable, then he has the right to refuse to deliver them.

As i mentioned in my comments yesterday the CWU reps who 'advise' us to use our conscience when it comes to delivering BNP leaflets, have in the past done it when the whole office is together. By doing their 'advising' this way they hope that it would make anyone who does consider delivering them suffer a guilty conscience.

As for myself, i deliver to a highly enriched part of my town and therefore will expect some abuse, but what the hell, it's for a good cause!