Saturday, 28 March 2009

Searchlight: Dealing With The Natives

Battle for Britain beat me to the draw on this story. Well done Battler.

But I might as well push it out also.

The following is Chapter 3 from 'Searchlight: Dealing With The Natives' (author requests anonymity). The full PDF document can be downloaded HERE.

[3] ‘Diseased’ English Vermin

The question is this: how – in the course of less than a half a century – did the perceptions by ‘outsiders’ of the native, British working class change from one of charitable understanding to that of hostile loathing? How did the white working class,formally “the salt of the earth”, latterly become regarded as “the scum of the earth”? The historian and writer Michael Collins asks specifically: how did “the ‘natural goodness’ of most of the inhabitants” – of people such as London’s indigenous Cockney community – become turned around in the latter half of the 20th Century such that “ … what became apparent in the aftermath of the [Macpherson] inquiry was that reports on racism had segued into a demonisation of the white working class”.

One part of the answer is quite straightforward. It is a part of a politically inspired process for disconnecting the native people from their land, and for destroying any sense of nationhood and sovereign identity. And to frustrate any resistance to this process it is also equally importantly to convince the natives (especially the English) that they deserve to be hated.

We see this the relentless agenda of demonisation in, for example, Searchlight publications –such as: ‘White Noise’; ‘White Riot’; ‘The English Disease’; and ‘A New Ingerlund’.The disturbing part of this is that this racist agenda is so remorselessly expressed in the form of targeted, extreme hatemongering. The people to hate are white. The people to hate are English. It is difficult not to conclude that the Searchlight agenda is to conduct an especially nasty, racist,anti-white, and anti-English (especially) campaign.

The choice and use of language and of imagery is both interesting – and highly disturbing. The English (as an ethnic/racial group) are portrayed as uniquely having a race-specific “disease” of racism – an extremely negative attribution that is intended to bring down opprobrium upon the native people. Searchlight is only interested in directing its hatemongering activities against members of the indigenous population of the British Isles (the ‘white’ people). The abuse is relentless and nasty – of references to “Neanderthals”, “knuckle-draggers”, “village idiots”, “rats out of sewers”, The invitation is to see people being singled-out only from the native population as subhuman – as vermin or mentally retarded, to be marked out for violent confrontation and elimination.

The process of de-humanising the native British people – of transforming a perception of the white working class from members of a proud and patriotic community to “rats out of sewers” – therefore has a political purpose. People who are dehumanised in this way are more easily disposed of. Organisations such as Searchlight (or affiliates, associates, and political masters) promote the stereotyping of visibly patriotic Britons as “less than human”. This is done in the knowledge that the already excessive violence against the white native population (especially lethal violence) will be further encouraged.

It is interesting to note that when commenting on activities specifically involving members of the native, indigenous community, Searchlight will parenthesise the word ‘indigenous’ – as if the existence of a native population should be challenged and disputed. This is yet another example of the way in which Searchlight can indulge its loathing towards those stubbornly independent natives – those people who wish to assert their ancestral rights and hard-won freedoms. Contrary to this, many native Britons will intuitively understand that they, as members of the indigenous population, have a right of self determination that is not negotiable – and which cannot be
negated by any amount of bullying, threats or hate mongering.

The use of lying by Searchlight reveals an astonishing level of brazenness. Events such as a ‘White History Month’ draw comment from Searchlight that “white people in Britain are not discriminated against because they are white, they are not victims because they are white”. This is blatant lying. Searchlight knows this to be grossly untrue, but promotes these views regardless. To see an organisation such as Searchlight casually
resorting to lying in this way simply beggars belief.

Searchlight will know (though will not admit) that discrimination against white people (by such means as ‘employment quota schemes’, or of targeted help and assistance within the criminal justice system) is rife throughout the UK. Even more importantly, Searchlight will know that the white population suffers much more from racist crime and racist violence (including murder) than any other ethnic or racial group.

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